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war camel
2015-04-02 13:48:41

Remains of a hybrid camel skeleton, recently discovered in Austria and previously misidentified as a horse or a cow, suggests that the creature was a mount used by the Ottoman army in the 17th century, according to research published Wednesday in the journal PLOS One.

2015-03-05 08:26:09

READING, England, March 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bullitt Group has agreed a two-year title sponsorship deal (over 2015-6) with the GC32 Racing Tour - a European yacht racing

2015-03-03 12:27:02

Yext adds 10 leading local search publishers in Russia, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States NEW YORK, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Yext today announced the

2015-02-08 08:22:03

Company Forms New Output Deals in Germany, Austria and the Philippines and Extends its Deal in Latin America BERLIN, Feb.

2015-02-05 23:02:26

Market Publishers Ltd is pleased to announce that in-demand WMStrategy market reports on various markets in Austria have been added to its catalogue. London,

2015-02-04 08:38:06

PORTLAND, Oregon, February 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Research Beam adds a report titled "Lighting Product Markets in the World to 2019 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts"

2015-02-03 23:07:02

HarvestMaster just announced the opening of a new office location in Wels, Austria. Wels, Austria (PRWEB) February 03, 2015 HarvestMaster just announced

2015-01-21 08:36:03

VIENNA, January 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vienna's tourism industry has just experienced its best year ever: 13.5 million visitor overnights, 6.3% more than in 2013, represent

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Alpines Steinschaf
2014-09-16 09:26:07

The Alpines Steinschaf is a breed of domestic sheep that is located in the Southern Alps of Germany and Eastern Alps of Austria. This breed is one of four in the Steinschaf group, which is thought to be derived from the Zaupelschaf type which lived during the medieval period or the Torschaf, which is older than the Zaupelschaf. This most likely makes the Alpines Steinschaf the oldest breed of sheep in the eastern Alps. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Alpines Stinschaf could...

Alpine Ibex, Capra ibex
2012-08-24 16:23:24

The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) can be found in the European Alps. It is locally known as the Steinbock in German, the bouquetin in French, the kozorog in Slovenian, and the stambecco in Italian. Its range was once restricted to Northern Italy in the Gran Paradiso National Park, but now comprises nearly all of the European Alps including France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas near the snowline on the edge of forests. It can be found at...

2012-06-14 08:43:31

Symbol: TIAU70 Group: Moss Family: Timmiaceae Growth Habit: Nonvascular Native Status: NA    N Synonyms:   TIAUA Timmia austriaca Hedw. var. arctica (Lindb.) Arnell Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Division   Bryophyta – Mosses Subdivision   Musci Class   Bryopsida – True mosses Subclass   Bryidae Order   Bryales Family   Timmiaceae Genus   Timmia Hedw....

2007-12-18 11:41:00

The Alpine Dachsbracke, native to Austria, is a small scent hound bred to track wounded deer, boar, hare and fox. The ancestry of the Alpine Dachsbracke can be tracked to the mid 19th century and includes the Austrian black and tan hound and the standard smooth haired Dachshund. The Alpine Dachsbracke most nearly resembles a Dachshund with its short legs (longer than a Dachshund's) and long body. It has a short and smooth coat which can be black and brown, brown or red (with or without...

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