Latest Autism rights movement Stories

2009-06-17 20:10:03

People with autism may be faster problem solvers than those who do not have autism, Canadian and U.S. researchers said.

2009-05-09 12:54:58

A small research study published recently indicates that more than 10 percent of children born with autism are able to overcome the disorder by the age of 9, usually through of years of intensive behavioral therapy.

2009-04-21 06:50:00

FAIRFIELD, Conn. and MACON, Ga., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Autism Support Network (http://www.AutismSupportNetwork.com) and Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.

2009-01-16 12:10:00

A new DVD released this week teaches autistic children how to recognize emotions like happiness, anger and sadness through the exploits of vehicles including a train, a ferry, and a cable car.

2008-11-03 12:00:26

The mystery of autism continues, but important advancements in the assessment and treatment of the disorder have been made, and research -- such as exploring the genetic makeup of individuals with autism and imaging the brains of children with autism to map abnormalities -- offers hope for this complicated disorder.