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2009-06-29 13:15:17

Iconic U.S. television pitchman Billy Mays probably died of heart failure and not from a blow to the head sustained on an airplane, a medical examiner says. Tampa, Fla., medical examiner Vern Adams said an autopsy done Monday on the body of Mays, 50, revealed hardening of the arteries, dousing speculation that his death came as the result of hitting his head during a rough landing on a flight from Philadelphia to Tampa hours before his death, The New York Daily News reported. Mays was found...

2009-06-11 16:54:07

The U.S. forensic pathologist who conducted an autopsy on David Carradine's body says the late actor did not commit suicide last week. Carradine's naked body was discovered hanging in the closet of his Bangkok hotel room with rope around his neck and genitals. Thai officials initially announced they suspected suicide, but later said they thought Carradine's death might have been an accident caused by an autoerotic act gone wrong. An autopsy was conducted in Thailand, but the results have not...

2009-06-09 09:47:37

Former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City Michael Baden has agreed to perform a private autopsy on the body of actor David Carradine, who died in Thailand. Police in Bangkok said the 72-year-old Kung Fu and Kill Bill actor was discovered dead, hanging naked in a hotel room closet last Thursday. Although investigators initially announced they suspected suicide, they have since said they are also considering the possibility Carradine's death was the result of an autoerotic act gone wrong....

2009-05-26 13:57:07

Information gathered from the bodies of men and women killed while serving in the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan is being used to protect other soldiers. These wars are the first in which the bodies of casualties are routinely autopsied and given CT scans, The New York Times reports. The work is done at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware by pathologists working with the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System. The autopsies have provided information on the functioning of protective...

2009-05-26 08:00:39

Relatives of a young person who dies suddenly should always be referred for cardiological and genetic examination in order to identify if they too are at risk of sudden death, a scientist told the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics today (Tuesday 26 May). Dr. Christian van der Werf, a research fellow at the Department of Cardiogenetics, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands said that, although his team's research showed that inherited heart disease was...

2009-03-19 11:21:37

The New York City medical examiner is conducting an autopsy on the body of film and stage star Natasha Richardson, E! News reported Thursday. The 45-year-old, British-born actress died Wednesday after she was taken off of life support, following a skiing mishap on a bunny slope that resulted in an injury that reportedly left her brain dead. E! said the autopsy was being conducted Thursday and results were expected later in the day.

2009-03-18 13:12:00

TRENTON, N.J., March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Ending a tension-fraught, gut-wrenching two-weeks during which a widow and her family were barred by court order from burying her mesothelioma-victim husband, a New Jersey appeals court today affirmed a lower court ruling and denied an attempt by Chrysler and Honeywell to force an autopsy against the widow's religious objections. Finding that the autopsy was unlikely to uncover evidence of any significance, the Appellate Division affirmed a Middlesex...

2008-10-30 12:00:38

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP)(OTCBB:SAPXF) announced that After Dark Films has acquired the rights to distribute "Autopsy" (Autopsy) as part of its national film festival called Horrorfest III-"8 Horror Films to Die For" ("Horrorfest"). Autopsy will premier nationally on January 9th 2009. Five other films have been announced for Horrorfest, "The Broken", "The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation", "From Within", Perkins' 14", and "Slaughter". After Dark created Horrorfest as...

2006-09-20 15:40:00

WASHINGTON - Federal health officials have drawn up a plan for autopsies of Sept. 11 workers when they die, to determine whether they were slowly killed by their exposure to World Trade Center dust. New York lawmakers said Wednesday they fear rising numbers of early deaths among ground zero workers. They called for hearings and a new, nearly $2 billion treatment program for sick workers and lower Manhattan residents. The federal coordinator of Sept. 11 health issues, John Howard, found...

2006-07-05 17:16:07

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (Reuters) - Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay's autopsy showed he died of coronary artery disease and found no evidence of foul play, said a forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy, said on Wednesday. "There was no evidence of foul play," Dr. Rob Kurtzman told reporters in Grand Junction, Colorado. "The cause of death is coronary artery disease." The post mortem revealed he had severe coronary artery disease and there was evidence that he had had a heart...

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