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Newborn Night-Waking Has A Detrimental Health Impact On Parents
2014-07-09 09:11:48

One of the hardest parts of new parenthood is never getting enough sleep. Once an hour, every night, the baby cries out for food, comfort, or to be cleaned. Most new parents report feeling more exhausted in the morning than they did the night before.

Child Nighttime Fears Result of Fantasy-Reality Confusion
2012-11-14 10:29:57

Israeli researchers have discovered that a child's ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality significantly affects their ability to overcome nighttime fears of monsters and boogeymen.

2010-10-27 05:50:00

A new study finds that roughly half of all infants have the ability to sleep through the night at just three to four months of age.

2009-12-24 07:05:00

Parents and educators who notice poor sleeping patterns in their children should take note of new research from Tel Aviv University ― and prepare themselves for bigger changes to come.

2008-01-14 08:10:00

Israeli researchers have discovered that caring for stuffed animals reduces severe stress reactions in children exposed to war.

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