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2011-02-24 09:31:00

TSX: GL -- Program designed to test high-grade shoots in Mangkaluku prospect -- Initial drill holes to test previously unrecognised dilational zones -- Previous drill results include 2m @ 115 g/t Au, 2m @ 18.3 g/t Au and 8.4m @ 7.5 g/t Au -- Mineralised zones have strike-lengths >500m with multiple quartz-sulphide veins VANCOUVER, Feb.

2010-12-08 08:43:22

A growing online library of bird sounds, photos and information offers a new resource for backyard birders and seasoned ornithologists alike.

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2009-02-21 20:59:48

The Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) is a species of bird in the avocet family, Recurvirostridae. This species is widely distributed. Its preferred breeding habitat is marshes, shallow lakes and ponds. Some populations are migratory and move to the ocean coasts in winter. Birds in the warmer regions are mostly resident. Hawaiian populations are endangered due to habitat loss and possibly from introduced predators. The Black-winged Stilt is one of the species to which the Agreement...

2008-04-29 00:12:48

The Black Stilt (Himantopus novaezelandiae), is a large wading bird in the avocet and stilt family Recurvirostridae. During the breeding season it is restricted to the upper Waitaki Valley, South Island, New Zealand. Small numbers over winter in the North Island. Adults are 39 inches long. They have very long red legs, a long thin black bill and black plumage. Juveniles have a white breast, neck and head, with a black patch around the eyes. They breed at the 2-3 years of age. They are...

2006-02-20 14:26:04

The four species of Avocets are waders in the same bird family as the stilts and are found in warm or hot climates. They have long legs and long, thin, upcurved bills. They use their bills to sweep from side to side when feeding in the brackish or saline wetlands for aquatic insects and other small creatures. The plumage is pied, sometimes also with some red. The avocets have webbed feet and swim readily. They nest on the ground in loose colonies. The four species, all in the...

2005-06-14 12:38:35

The American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) is a large wader in the avocet and stilt family, Recurvirostridae. Adults have long legs, a rust head and neck, a long up-turned bill and a white lower body with a distinctive black and white pattern on the wing and back. Their breeding habitat includes marshes, prairie ponds, and shallow lakes in the mid-west and on the Pacific coast of North America. They nest in small groups on open ground, sometimes even with other waders. They are...

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