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2014-04-22 23:03:36

Zyrobotics LLC is a Venturelab startup company founded by Dr. Ayanna Howard. Venturelab is the University business incubator affiliated with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 22, 2014 Dr. Ayanna Howard has a heart for people with motor limitations, particularly children with disabilities. So when a National Science Foundation grant led to development of an input device that would allow kids with disabilities to operate tablet computers, she wanted to...

Access4Kids Created To Help Children With Disabilities Access Tablets
2012-12-11 16:51:46

Georgia Tech Imagine not being able to touch a touch-screen device. Tablets and smartphones–with all their educational, entertaining and social benefits–would be useless. Researchers at Georgia Tech are trying to open the world of tablets to children whose limited mobility makes it difficult for them to perform the common pinch and swipe gestures required to control the devices. Ayanna Howard, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and graduate student Hae Won...

2008-07-16 10:55:00

Several snowmobiles navigated speedily over arctic ice and snow in Alaska's outback in late June. This scene might seem ordinary except that the recently unveiled snowmobiles are unmanned, autonomous, toy-size robots called SnoMotes "“ the first prototype network of their kind envisioned to rove treacherous areas of the Arctic and Antarctic capturing more accurate measurements that will help scientists better understand what is causing the well-documented melting of ice in those...

2008-05-29 00:05:00

Researchers at Georgia Tech have designed a robot that they hope will be able to cope with the treacherous challenges of exploring Antarctica. The so-called SnoMote is designed like a snowmobile, and researchers say it should be able to handle the slippery icy terrain. The team, led by associate professor Ayanna Howard received a NASA grant for their development of the 2-foot-long robots. Howard also created an "auction" system by which SnoMotes will be able to communicate with each other and...

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