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2008-08-02 12:00:11

By Randolphe Schmid Associated Press WASHINGTON -- Seven years ago, Americans learned to fear anthrax as a white powder in the mail that claimed lives, forced the post office to change the way it handles letters and sparked contamination scares across the country. The anthrax attacks have returned to the news after biodefense researcher Bruce E. Ivins of the government labs at Fort Detrick, Md., apparently committed suicide as prosecutors prepared to seek charges against him in the...

2008-03-12 09:40:00

A cup of black tea could be the next line of defense in the threat of bio-terrorism according to new international research. A new study by an international team of researchers from Cardiff University and University of Maryland has revealed how the humble cup of tea could well be an antidote to Bacillus anthracis "“more commonly know as anthrax. As a nation, Brits currently drink 165 million cups of tea, and the healing benefits of the nation's favorite beverage have long been...

2005-10-25 20:20:16

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A research team from the National Nuclear Security Administration's Sandia National Laboratories has discovered that common anthrax sampling methods need improvement. The research shows that more deadly spores remain after decontamination than previously believed. The team, led by researcher Gary Brown, spent a year looking at sampling processes used to determine the number of viable organisms existing on surfaces following a biological attack with agents such as anthrax....

2005-07-12 10:41:58

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A human monoclonal antibody against the agent that causes anthrax (Bacillus anthracis protective antigen), which has shown action against inhaled anthrax in animals, appears to be safe and well tolerated in humans as well, researchers report. "This report describes the first investigational agent against anthrax infection to be evaluated in a clinical study since the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States," Dr. Mani Subramanian of Human Genome Sciences in...

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2011-04-14 14:43:25

Bacillus anthracis is a Gram-positive spore-forming, rod-shaped bacterium, with a width of 1-1.2µm and a length of 3-5µm. It can grow in aerobic or anaerobic conditions. It is the only known bacterium to synthesize a protein capsule and the only pathogenic bacterium to carry its own adenylyl cyclase virulence factor. They form oval spores located centrally in a non-swollen sporangium. These spores are highly resilient and can survive extreme temperatures, low-nutrient environments, and...

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