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2010-06-29 10:03:00

CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Playing golf pain-free is not only more enjoyable than playing in pain, but it can also improve your scores. The average golfer takes between 45 and 60 full-length swings over a four-hour round, and 80 percent of us shoot over 100.

2010-05-06 14:02:35

When trauma patients receive a computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, a technique called CT spine reformatting eliminates the need for X-rays of the thoracic and/or lumbar spine to detect spinal fractures.

2010-04-19 15:52:13

Low back pain (or lumbago) is a common ailment often triggered by something as simple as lifting a suitcase. What is the best way to remedy the situation? An exercise machine designed specifically for back muscles could be the solution according to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

2010-03-22 15:05:00

ORLANDO, Fla., March 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MedX Limited, the manufacturer and global distributor of MedX®-branded medical exercise and fitness equipment and a subsidiary of WellTek Incorporated (OTC Bulletin Board: WTKN), today announced the completion of another sale to the U.S. Military.

2009-11-18 14:32:47

Study finds physiological changes in one muscle help ease pain.

2009-10-16 07:00:00

PLANO, Texas, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Specialists at the Texas Back Institute are honoring National Spine Health Day, today, by providing exercises to keep your back in tiptop shape.

2009-09-21 07:00:00

BALTIMORE, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey from the American Pain Foundation says economic pain from the recession is contributing to acute, or short-term, physical pain for Americans.

2009-06-10 10:16:00

Accurately Locates the Origin of Pain While Reducing Healthcare Costs AKRON, Ohio, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- A new technology that revolutionizes the way low back pain is diagnosed and treated, while also significantly reducing healthcare costs, has been introduced by SpineMatrix(R) Inc., an Akron, Ohio-based medical technology company that specializes in advanced spinal diagnostics.

2009-06-09 06:03:00

New Back-Up Accelerator Leverages OneFS Operating System to Speed Back-up to Tape while Dramatically Simplifying Back-up Management SEATTLE, June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Isilon(R) Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN), the proven leader in scale-out NAS, today announced the release of its Back-up Accelerator, advancing performance and simplicity for file-based data back-up to maximize efficiency while minimizing the risk of business-critical data loss.

2009-05-19 18:35:00

Four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon underwent a back procedure Monday to lessen pain that has gotten progressively worse. I had a facet block procedure done on my back on Monday, and it went well, Gordon said.

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2014-08-12 13:15:00

The spotted saddle horse is a gaited breed of light riding horse that was developed in the United States by crossbreeding small gaited pinto ponies of Spanish descent with larger American breeds like the Standardbred and the Morgan horse. Other gaited breeds were introduced into the bloodline after the American Civil War, including the Tennessee walking horse, Paso Fino, and American Mustangs. It was selectively bred for its pinto coloration and its use as a general riding horse. The two...

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