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2008-06-20 18:00:07

Australia is the fattest nation in the world, with more than 9 million adults classified as obese or overweight, a new study indicates. The study reported Australians outweigh U.S. residents and 123,000 Aussies could experience premature deaths during the next 20 years, The Age reported. Four million Australians -- 26 percent of the adult population -- are considered obese, compared to 25 percent of Americans, the report by Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute said. An...

2008-06-16 18:00:07

THE NHS should fund more free health checks and obesity surgery to combat diabetes, a report has said. Experts believe that increased screening for the condition among the over-40s alone could save up to 2,500 lives a year across the UK. The report by the University of London's School of Pharmacy comes after Diabetes UK Cymru warned that one in 12 people could develop the condition by 2025. The explosion in the potentially fatal disease is being fuelled by Wales' "obesogenic"...

2006-07-10 10:45:06

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A program designed to boost physical activity levels in a low-income, multi-ethnic community did just that, and led to real health benefits for residents. Compared with a "control" community, fewer participants in the get-fit community gained weight and many lost weight, reducing their risk of type 2 diabetes -- which largely results from obesity. Residents in the intervention community also saw improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar...

2006-01-15 13:04:04

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A single genetic change could predispose close to 40 percent of the population to type-2 diabetes, researchers said on Sunday. The gene, identified in a study of Iceland's comprehensive genetic records, is carried by 38 percent of the Northern European populations studied, and is also common among African-Americans, the researchers said. Writing in the journal Nature Genetics, Kari Stefansson of DeCode Genetics...

2005-11-01 11:04:14

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Diabetes is a major factor in the development of chronic kidney disease, but among people with poor blood sugar control who've not yet developed diabetes, heart attack and stroke risk factors account for much of their increased risk of developing kidney disease, researchers report. In the medical journal Diabetes, Dr. Caroline S. Fox of the Framingham Heart Study, Massachusetts, and colleagues note that it is unclear whether pre-diabetes is associated with...

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