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2009-06-18 23:47:48

A new exhibit at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin gives the public a chance to see four African species in something like their native habitat. The 5-acre Spirit of Africa opens Saturday, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Thursday.

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2009-03-28 14:02:08

The Gray-crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) is a species of bird found in Africa south of the Sahara. Although it occurs in dry savannah, it nests in somewhat wetter habitats. Two subspecies are recognized: The East African Crested Crane (B. r. gibbericep) occurs from eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo through Uganda, of which it is the national bird, and Kenya to eastern South Africa. The South African Crowned Crane (B. r. regulorum) occurs from Angola south to South Africa. The...

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