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Melting Ice On Danube Wrecks Hundreds Of Boats, Sinks Landmark Nightclub
2012-02-21 05:43:01

Warming temperatures sent icebergs up to three feet thick crashing into hundreds of boats on the River Danube near Belgrade, whisking away several barges and sinking one of Belgrade's trademark floating restaurants, Alexander.

2006-04-26 22:48:12

By Bogdan Cristel SPANTOV, Romania (Reuters) - Thousands of Romanians have fled low-lying areas of the Danube basin in the last 24 hours as the river overwhelmed flood defenses to swamp towns, villages and farmland, officials said on Wednesday.

2006-04-25 09:34:18

By Aurora Martiniuc and Marius Zaharia BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Hundreds of Romanians were fleeing their homes in impoverished rural areas on Tuesday as rescue teams struggled to reinforce dikes holding back the swollen Danube river, officials said.

2006-04-23 12:27:36

By Aurora Martiniuc BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Rescuers and volunteers plugged cracked flood defences in southeastern Europe on Sunday, but many hoped relief was in sight with the Danube and other rivers expected to withdraw from century highs in coming days.

2006-04-22 14:05:00

Soldiers and volunteers battled floodwaters and evacuated people in southeastern Europe on Saturday, but officials were optimistic the Danube and other rivers would retreat from record-high levels in coming days.

2006-04-21 11:28:02

By Radu Marinas BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania breached a major dike to divert floodwater threatening villages in the Danube delta, while Hungary evacuated thousands of people as swollen rivers spread more havoc across eastern Europe on Friday.

2006-04-18 08:00:00

By Bogdan Cristel BISTRET, Romania (Reuters) - Ten thousand Romanians faced evacuation on Tuesday as rescue workers raced to fix a broken dam on the Danube before the swelling river could flood their low-lying villages.

2006-04-17 11:29:58

By Martin Dokoupil BUCHAREST (Reuters) - The Danube river broke through flood defenses in southeastern Europe on Monday, driving thousands of people from their homes along its banks in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, officials said.

2006-04-13 11:06:43

By Nikolay Doychinov LOM, Bulgaria (Reuters) - The Danube hit record high levels in the Balkans on Thursday, sending soldiers and disaster workers scrambling to evacuate people and stem flooding along its banks, officials said.

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