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2005-07-06 12:28:48

OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian member of parliament nominated Irish rocker and charity champion Bob Geldof on Wednesday for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work to help poor nations. The peace prize is awarded annually by the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Those qualified to nominate candidates include members of national parliaments around the world. The nomination came as leaders of the Group of Eight rich nations gathered in Scotland to discuss aid for Africa under pressure from the...

2005-07-02 21:50:35

By Claudia Parsons and Paul Majendie PHILADELPHIA/LONDON (Reuters) - More than a million peoplegathered in cities across the world on Saturday for Live 8, thebiggest music concert ever held to pressure rich nations to domore for the poor. The largest gig was in Philadelphia, where organizers saidup to 1 million people crammed the streets, with people poweron display at 10 separate concerts across four continents. In London, Irish rocker Bob Geldof urged 200,000 fans tocry "No more...

2005-06-29 13:09:55

By Andrew Gray LONDON (Reuters) - Last time they wanted to feed the world,this time they want to change it. The 10 Live 8 concerts around the globe this Saturday taketheir inspiration from the Live Aid gigs 20 years ago whichraised over $100 million for famine relief in Africa -- anachievement widely hailed at the time. The aims of organizer Bob Geldof and his fellow campaignersare more ambitious now. The Irish rock singer'sexpletive-peppered appeals for money have been replaced by acall...

2005-07-03 02:11:56

By Mike Collett-White LONDON (Reuters) - For someone so often called a saint, BobGeldof has an uncanny ability to irritate and offend. The Irish rocker has bullied and badgered his way into thehistory books, pulling off the Live Aid rock concerts 20 yearsago and promising to do something even bigger on Saturday with10 Live 8 gigs to raise awareness of African poverty. The 50-year-old Geldof seems like a walking contradiction. He was the quintessential anti-establishment figure...

2005-07-02 17:30:01

By Paul Majendie and Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters) - A galaxy of rock stars staged theworld's biggest live concert on Saturday to pressure richnations into doing more for the poor. People power rose up across four continents as Irish rockerBob Geldof urged music fans at Live 8 gigs around the globe tocry "No more excuses" to the G8 leaders of the world's leadingindustrialized nations. "Mahatma Gandhi freed a continent, Martin Luther King freeda people, Nelson Mandela freed a country. It...

2005-06-30 15:09:18

By Mike Collett-White LONDON (Reuters) - Two exhausted men have worked behind thescenes, into the early hours, for eight weeks to pull off whatpromises to be the greatest music show on earth. Irish rocker Bob Geldof is the most public face of the Live8 concerts on Saturday to raise awareness of extreme poverty,but if all goes well on July 2 it will also be down to producerKevin Wall and promoter Harvey Goldsmith. Technological advances since the Live Aid concerts 20 yearsago, including...

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