Latest Bank Julius Baer vs. Wikileaks lawsuit Stories

WikiLeaks Failure Suggests Need For Radical Transparency
2012-03-24 06:51:55

It's possible that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks didn't live up to what they hoped to accomplish, yet accusations from the government came with more force than necessary.

Wikileaks Succumbs To Cyber Attack After Releasing More Cables
2011-08-31 09:22:38

The Wikileaks website crashed on Tuesday after the site published thousands more secret U.S. diplomatic cables.

2011-08-26 08:27:16

Wikileaks on Thursday said it was releasing tens of thousands of US diplomatic cables that appear to be from a cache of more than 250,000 State Department reports leaked to the group, of which many are still classified.

2008-06-21 03:00:09

By Malone, Alanna Media lawyers hope the initial injunction to disable an entire Web site serves as an example of what not to do with online speech.

2008-03-06 08:35:00

Switzerland’s Bank Julius Baer dropped its lawsuit against the Web site Wikileaks.org Wednesday, just days after U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White reversed his order to shut down the rebel Web site for posting classified bank documents.

2008-03-01 13:45:00

A federal judge who shuttered the renegade Web site Wikileaks.org reversed the decision Friday and allowed the site to re-open in the United States.

2008-02-28 14:35:00

A Swiss bank seeking legal action to shut down the Web site Wikileaks for posting classified documents is experiencing a backlash of unintended consequences.

2008-02-18 17:20:00

A California court has ruled that a popular whistle-blower Web site that allowed users to anonymously post official government and corporate documents online must now be taken down.

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