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2014-08-07 23:05:47

New video from the international fitness boot camps explains the science behind the afterburn effect. Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014 At a time

2014-04-02 23:29:49

“Natural Ways To Boost Metabolism To Lose Weight,” a new report on the website HealthReviewCenter.com uncovers simple and easy ways to get a faster metabolism. Seattle,

2014-01-28 23:00:20

DailyGossip.org publishes a review to the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, the simplest way to lose body fat and boost the metabolism. Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January

2014-01-23 23:29:25

Smith & Stone offer a new look at the Paleo lifestyle based upon research, practical application and common sense; this is a guidebook, not a health formula, philosophy, cult, fad, or movement.

Primates Expend Less Energy
2014-01-14 07:54:31

Humans and other primates burn 50 percent fewer calories each day than other mammals, and their slower metabolism could explain why they mature slowly and live longer lives, according to a new study.

2013-12-08 23:01:42

In a new video and article from Health Nutrition News they detail how dieting actually slows down the weight loss process and what steps to take to increase basal metabolic rate. Boston,

2013-09-27 23:17:57

Truthaboutabs.com has emerged a reliable and honest source on fitness and nutrition news for viewers across the globe.

2013-09-23 23:32:23

Mayo Clinic researchers conclude that consistent activity throughout the day triggers one's metabolism to work more effectively.

2013-09-18 15:43:41

Saving energy is important for humans and animals alike when resources are limited.

New Drug Helps Boost Calorie Burning In The Lab
2013-06-18 10:31:43

Anyone who has struggled to drop a pound or two has, inevitably, secretly wished this could all be done by taking a magic pill. But those serious about health and wellness know there is no substitute for healthy eating and vigorous exercise. There is, sad to say, no magic pill. Or is there?

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