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Carolina Dog
2008-05-20 22:23:50

The Carolina Dog is a wild swamp dog discovered in the late 1970s. The breed was discovered by a Senior Research Ecologist at the University of Georgia, Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin Junior. When he was working at the Savannah River site, he came across a stray dog which he first thought was just a normal stray. After a trip to the pound, he realized that it was more than just a normal domestic stray....

2007-12-18 12:24:56

The Basenji is a hunting dog that originated in central Africa. It is considered a hound, more specifically in the sight hound family. Due to its unusually shaped larynx the Basenji does not bark as a normal dog would, it produces an unusual yodel-like sound. The breed can mimic sounds and is able to bark if raised around other barking dogs. Some say they have a cat-like temperament. They are...

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