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More Basking Shark Sightings In British Waters
2012-07-24 08:05:00

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Basking sharks, after being protected from commercial hunting since the late 20th century, are on the rise in British waters. The most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken of basking shark sightings in UK waters was recently undertaken by the University of Exeter, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT) and Wave Action. Results of the study are published in the journal Marine Ecology Progress Series....

2010-09-08 11:18:25

Docile filter-feeder is the second largest known shark species NOAA's Fisheries Service has designated the eastern North Pacific basking shark, a "species of concern" because it has suffered a dramatic decline in population despite decreasing fishing pressure. The label "species of concern" may be given to a species when there are concerns regarding the population status. The eastern Pacific basking shark is not being considered for listing pursuant to the Endangered Species Act, rather it is...

2010-01-05 12:09:05

Summer weather and UK marine life A recent scientific conference has provided new evidence for the effects of unseasonal summer storms on a variety of spectacular marine life, including deadly jellyfish, basking sharks and oceanic seabirds. The third annual 'South West Marine Ecosystems' meeting, held in Plymouth in December 2009, brought together 40 representatives from the scientific, conservation, fishing and eco-tourism sectors. The aim was to discuss impacts of environmental change and...

2009-05-08 07:21:18

Researchers have discovered where basking sharks "“ the world's second largest fish "“ hide out for half of every year, according to a report published online on May 7th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. The discovery revises scientists' understanding of the iconic species and highlights just how little we still know about even the largest of marine animals, the researchers said. "While commonly sighted in surface waters during summer and autumn months, the...

2008-08-03 18:00:09

SIX basking sharks have been tagged off the coast of Donegal. The creatures were spotted swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and were filmed by an RTE crew. Dr Simon Berrow of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, guided by local wildlife ranger Emmett Johnston, also observed the huge fish. People have been asked to report any further sighting to Emmett on 087 286 7055. (c) 2008 Sunday Mirror; London. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

2008-07-27 00:00:24

Volunteers are being asked to log sightings of basking sharks in a survey that aims to find out more about the world's second largest fish. The Seaquest Basking Shark project is taking place at two locations off the Cornish coast and aims to collect information and raise public awareness of the giant fish and the threats they face. The project is being run by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT) and SeaWatch, and shark-spotting points will be set up at Gwennap Head and at Carn Gloose, near...

2008-07-27 00:00:24

Volunteers are being asked to log basking shark sightings in a survey that aims to find out more about the world's second largest fish. The Seaquest Basking Shark project, being run by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and SeaWatch is taking place at two locations off the Cornwall coast to collect information and raise public awareness of the fish and the threats they face. (c) 2008 Western Daily Press (Bristol UK). Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

2008-05-25 15:39:41

More than 50 percent of wide-ranging oceanic shark species are threatened with extinction as a result of overfishing, according to a new study. The research, conducted by 15 scientists from institutes around the world and organized by the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, focused on oceanic pelagic sharks and rays, including great white sharks, whale sharks, crocodile sharks, bigeye threshers, basking sharks, shortfin makos, longfin makos, salmon sharks, silky sharks, porbeagle sharks,...

2005-07-21 18:26:21

Basking sharks are much more canny predators than previously thought, ecologists have discovered. According to new research published online by the British Ecological Society's Journal of Animal Ecology, basking sharks are able to reverse their normal pattern of diving at dawn and surfacing at dusk in order to foil the attempts of zooplankton trying to evade capture. As well as shedding new light on basking behaviour, the results have important implications for the conservation of shark...

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2007-03-19 15:01:39

The Basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus, is the second largest fish after the whale shark. The basking shark is a cosmopolitan species - it is found in all the world's temperate oceans. It is a slow moving and generally harmless filter feeder. Like other large sharks, basking sharks are at risk of extinction due to a combination of low resilience and overfishing through increasing demands for the sharks' fins, flesh and organs. Taxonomy This shark is called the basking shark because it...

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