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Anonymous Targets UK Gov't Websites in So-Called 'Digital Protest'
2012-04-09 04:37:31

After claiming responsibility for attacks on the Home Office and 10 Downing Street websites overnight Saturday into Sunday, members of the Anonymous hacking collective have vowed that they will target different British Government websites for disruption each weekend, various media outlets have reported. According to BBC News reports on Sunday, the homepage of the Home Office (the UK government agency in charge of immigration, passports, drug policy, crime, police and counter-terrorism)...

3D Chocolate Printer To Be Released By The End of April
2012-04-07 04:38:37

Good news for anyone with a sweet tooth: a prototype 3D chocolate printer first unveiled by UK scientists last summer is currently available for pre-order and should be commercially released by the end of the month, according to BBC News and 3ders.org reports. The device, which is known as the Choc Creator and was originally created by scientists at the University of Exeter, allows users "to print their own custom-made sweets, layer by layer," the British news organization said on Friday....

Wooly Mammoth Found In Siberia Is Remarkably Well Preserved
2012-04-05 04:44:04

A young, entombed Wooly Mammoth has been discovered in Siberia near the Arctic Ocean. Nicknamed “Yuka," the mammoth has been described by discoverers as being “remarkably well preserved” despite being cut open by ancient people. Yuka was discovered in Siberia during an expedition funded in part by the BBC and the Discovery Channel and is believed to be at least 10,000 years old. The discoverers believe this finding could possibly provide proof of early human interaction...

BBC Persian Service Suffers Sophisticated Cyber Attack
2012-03-15 13:06:38

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) director-general Mark Thompson reported on Wednesday that the site had suffered a sophisticated cyber-attack recently. Thompson said that hackers attempted to jam the satellite feeds of BBC services into Iran and as well as swamp its London phone lines with automated calls. He described the coincidence of the attacks as "self-evidently suspicious", stopping short of blaming Tehran for the attacks. Last month, Thompson accused Iranian authorities...

Study Finds Developing Countries Suffer From Poor Hospital Care
2012-03-15 06:56:12

A new study finds that patient safety is lacking in the world´s developing countries. According to a recent BBC News report, the study, published in the British Medical Journal, looked at the hospital records of over 15,000 patients in 26 hospitals in 8 countries, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Sudan and Yemen. The study found that 8.2 percent of patients suffered an adverse event, one where an unintended injury resulted in permanent disability or death that...

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