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Second Controversial Bird Flu Study Released
2012-06-22 10:42:49

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com On June 21, the second of two bird flu studies was released. It put fears to rest regarding terrorism and the global epidemic. Specifically, five genetic mutations were mentioned in the report. The papers explained how the virus strains created by researchers could be transmitted from person to person through the air. Scientists believed that the results could help them find dangerous strains of the virus. However, last December, federal officials requested...

Tea Linked To Prostate Cancer In Men
2012-06-21 10:20:25

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com On any given day, some person in the world will be drinking tea. Tea plays an important role in modern culture. For example, visit restaurants and cafes, and you´ll see families and friends chatting and sipping tea. Even with tea´s omnipresence, a new study reveals that tea may possibly be harmful to certain consumers. In particular, researchers recently found that male tea drinkers may be more at risk of developing prostate cancer. For the...

2012-06-03 07:16:01

Customers of a popular UK mobile phone and broadband service providers suspected of illegally sharing pornographic films will be receiving cease-and-desist letters from filmmakers intent on making it clear that the relationship between the two parties was anything but consensual. According to a BBC News report, Ben Dover Productions will be contacting the owners of 9,124 IP addresses owned by O2 customers that have been linked to illegal downloads. The British High Court approved the text...

2012-06-03 06:56:06

Amateur rocketeers from throughout the UK were expected to participate in an four-day festival which kicked off Saturday and was organized by the East Anglian Rocketry Society (Ears) and the UK Rocketry Association (UKRA). According to BBC News reports published Friday, more than 100 hobbyists were expected to attend the Festival of Rocketry, which was being held near Cambridge. Furthermore, the news organization reports that as many as 150 launches were anticipated, with some reaching...

2012-05-24 19:07:38

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Last August, Google CEO Chairman Eric Schmidt gave a lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival where he announced a partnership with UK´s National Film and TV School to train young film-makers. Then, he started criticizing the countries education system. "Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it's made. That is just throwing away your great computing heritage," he said, according to...

ICANN Domain Name Application Process Re-Opens
2012-05-23 05:09:45

As of Monday, companies and organizations can once again log in, review, and submit applications to the agency handling a large-scale expansion of Internet addresses, various media outlets have reported. According to the Associated Press (AP), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) reopened the proposal process this week after shutting it down on April 12 due to a software glitch that had made some private information accessible. Repairs were originally expected to...

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