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2008-11-24 08:40:00

Australian wildlife rescuers announced Sunday that they effectively released a group of pilot whales back to the ocean following a large stranding of the mammals in Tasmania. Chris Arthur, who led the rescue attempt, stated that 11 of the 64 animals discovered to be stranded on the island's north coast Saturday were freed after a strenuous endeavor that included moving them to another beach. "We have successfully released 11 animals out to sea," Arthur said. "The last one went out less than...

2008-08-13 21:00:15

By TONY PERRY By Tony Perry Los Angeles Times The Navy will restrict the use of low-frequency active sonar during training in the Pacific Ocean to prevent possible harm to whales and other creatures, under an agreement reached with environmental groups Tuesday. The accord, approved by a federal court in San Francisco, would restrict the use of a type of sonar in areas in the Pacific Ocean that are known to be whale breeding grounds and key habitat, such as the Humpback Whale National...

2008-08-11 15:00:46

A SPERM whale which died after being beached in the Highlands has been cut up and burned. The 50ft mammal beached itself at Alturlie Point, in the Moray Firth, near Inverness, on Wednesday. The creature's 30-ton carcass was destroyed at Dougalsbrae Knackery at Keith in Grampian. Originally published by Newsquest Media Group. (c) 2008 Herald, The; Glasgow (UK). Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

2008-07-07 09:58:12

Four weeks on from the shocking incident that led to the death of 26 dolphins near Falmouth, research released Monday sheds new light on the extent of the problems facing Cornwall's marine mammals. A study by the University of Exeter and Cornwall Wildlife Trust, published in the journal Biodiversity and Conservation, has revealed a disturbing rise in the number of whales, dolphins and porpoises found dead on Cornish beaches. The frequency of these mammals, collectively known as cetaceans,...

2008-06-14 09:00:21

By DIANE TENNANT By Diane Tennant The Virginian Pilot VIRGINIA BEACH A rare melonheaded whale was found dead this week on Assateague Island, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center said Friday. The aquarium's Stranding Response Team could not immediately determine a cause of death. The species is thought to be a tropical deep-diving whale. Fewer than 20 have stranded on the mainland United States, mostly in Texas and Florida. A similar species stranded on the Maryland...

2008-04-17 01:15:00

A strange form of hunting can be witnessed near the northern tip of Argentina. Orcas, also known as killer whales, have been seen launching themselves onto the shore with intentions of making a sea lion pup part of their next meal. The orcas use sonar to hunt. They beach themselves in high tide, and allow the waves to carry them back into the sea. The method is risky, but orcas attempt to judge the waves pattern to make sure they are able to catch the next wave and return to the sea. The rare...

2008-03-13 08:20:43

Most days, Moko the bottlenosed dolphin swims playfully with humans at a New Zealand beach. But this week, it seems, Moko found his mojo. Witnesses described Wednesday how they saw the dolphin swim up to two stranded whales and guide them to safety. Before Moko arrived, rescue workers had been working for more than an hour to get two pygmy sperm whales, a mother and her calf, back out to sea after they were stranded Monday off Mahia Beach, said Conservation Department worker Malcolm Smith....

2007-06-08 12:58:23

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A naval exercise off the Australian coast using submarine-hunting sonar could kill whales or cause them to become stranded, the International Whaling Commission warned in a report. Environmental groups say the mid-frequency sonar U.S. and Australian forces plan to use can cause hearing loss and tissue damage in whales and can alter their diving habits. Deep-diving species such as the beaked whale are especially at risk, they say, because rapid surfacing can result in the...

2007-05-31 14:55:00

SAN FRANCISCO -- Scientists observing the wayward wanderings of two humpback whales in a California river have more to celebrate than their return to the Pacific Ocean - the duo provided an unexpected opportunity to study the endangered species. The information scientists gathered includes sound recordings, logs of their behavior and tissue samples from both the mother and calf, which will be analyzed to determine whether they come from a pod of whales that travel between Mexico and...

2007-05-25 09:26:38

RIO VISTA, Calif. -- Unfazed by the sounds of other whales and clanging pipes, two wayward humpbacks will next encounter the spray of fire hoses, which scientists hope will herd them back toward the ocean. The two whales, a mother and her calf, remained in the Sacramento River, some 70 miles from the Pacific, where they've been circling for days. On Friday, biologists planned to spray water near the whales from above and underwater from the deck of a boat on the river. "No one has done this...

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2006-07-12 13:21:43

Bryde's Whales are the least known and in many ways the most unusual of the rorquals(Baleen Whales). They are small by rorqual standards"”no more than about 25 tons. They prefer tropical warm waters to the polar seas that other whales in their family prefer. They are largely coastal whales and their diet is composed almost entirely of fish. There appear to be two species, and some confusion between the two exists. Bryde's Whales are very similar in appearance to Sei Whales and almost as...

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