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2006-07-25 13:47:05

KOMMETJIE BEACH, South Africa (Reuters) - South African conservationists are to burn the carcass of a 15-meter (47-foot) whale that washed ashore near Cape Town, officials said on Tuesday.

2006-07-08 19:45:00

By Alexandria Sage LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Whales and other marine mammals will be better protected during military training exercises using sonar now that the U.S. Navy has agreed to increased safety measures in Hawaiian waters, an environmental group said on Saturday.

2006-03-30 00:05:00

Tests of blood and urine, sampling of stomach contents and checks for damage caused by sonar have all left scientists puzzled by a mass stranding of whales off the North Carolina Coast last year.

2005-12-21 01:15:00

More than 100 pilot whales stranded on a beach at the top of New Zealand's South Island were refloated by volunteers on Wednesday and conservation officials in boats herded the mammals out to sea.

2005-12-20 22:30:00

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Hundreds of volunteers refloated more than 100 pilot whales stranded on a beach at the top of New Zealand's South Island on Wednesday and conservation authorities prepared to herd the mammals out to sea to keep them from returning.

2005-12-20 21:55:00

Hundreds of volunteers, including tourists, struggled on Wednesday to save around 120 pilot whales stranded on a beach at the top of New Zealand's South Island.

2005-12-12 11:45:00

Animal protection workers were investigating on Monday the mass stranding and death of 24 pilot whales and 15 dolphins during a winter storm on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

2005-11-24 04:48:02

Please read in first paragraph ... oceans are a new factor among many threatening ... instead of ... are threatening ...

2005-11-23 10:50:00

By Nita Bhalla NAIROBI (Reuters) - Increased naval military maneuvers and submarine sonars in the world's oceans are threatening dolphins, whales and porpoises that depend on sound to survive, a United Nations report said on Wednesday.

2005-10-27 04:35:00

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The death of about 110 stranded whales in the southern Australian state of Tasmania was probably caused by the animals becoming disoriented in confusing coastal waters, officials said on Thursday.

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2006-07-12 13:21:43

Bryde's Whales are the least known and in many ways the most unusual of the rorquals(Baleen Whales). They are small by rorqual standards"”no more than about 25 tons. They prefer tropical warm waters to the polar seas that other whales in their family prefer. They are largely coastal whales and their diet is composed almost entirely of fish. There appear to be two species, and some confusion between the two exists. Bryde's Whales are very similar in appearance to Sei Whales and almost as...

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