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2012-03-06 10:42:36

Researchers say people should behave cautiously; carry bear spray instead Carrying a gun in bear country doesn´t mean you´re more protected in the event of a bear encounter, according to new research out of Brigham Young University. A study led by BYU biologist and bear expert Tom S. Smith found that firing a gun is no more effective in keeping people from injury or death during bear attacks than not using a firearm. “It really isn´t about the kind of gun you...

2011-05-11 08:35:00

Research regarding North American black bear fatal attacks on people shows lone males are most dangerous, attack rates are rising with human population growth Fatal encounters with black bears have been exceedingly rare during the last century, but appear to be mainly the result of predatory male bears targeting humans in their wilderness home ranges, according to a new study led by the world's leading expert on bear attacks. In an article published today in the Journal of Wildlife...

2011-04-06 08:03:00

HARRISBURG, Pa., April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As spring has sprung, many Pennsylvanians soon will be spending more time outdoors and seeing more wildlife - and signs of wildlife - in their yards and other places they frequent. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials remind residents that among the wildlife that will become more visible are Pennsylvania's roughly 18,000 black bears, all of which will be looking for food. "After several months of hibernation, sightings of bears...

2008-03-26 01:30:00

Hikers and campers venturing into bear country this spring may be safer armed with 8-ounce cans of bear pepper spray than with guns, according to a new study led by a Brigham Young University bear biologist.Thomas S. Smith, associate professor of wildlife science, has conducted field work among bears for 16 years and has never used bear spray, although he carries it faithfully. "I wish I had more scary stories to share, but I've behaved myself," said Smith, emphasizing that caution and wisdom...

2007-03-16 00:45:00

MILFORD, Pa. -- Mark Ternent squeezes his bulky frame into the narrow opening of a bear den and shines a flashlight into the eyes of a 200-pound female. Two black bear cubs are suckling, and their mother looks back at Ternent, alert but relaxed. It is early March, and these bears won't come out of hibernation for another six weeks. The wildlife biologist shoots a tranquilizer dart into the mother's rump, but the dart goes into fat, not muscle, slowing absorption into her blood. Ternent waits...

2005-06-28 00:39:03

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - An Anchorage couple on arafting trip in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge waskilled by a grizzly bear over the weekend, the first recordedfatal bear attack in the protected area, officials said onMonday. The victims, Rick and Kathy Huffman, aged 61 and 58respectively, appeared to have taken proper precautions againstbears but the animal that attacked them appeared to have been arare predatory animal, said Bruce Woods, a spokesman for theU.S. Fish and...

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