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2008-02-19 04:40:00

Paleontologists from University College London (UCL) and Stony Brook University in New York have identified a giant frog fossil from Madagascar, given the name Beelzebufo (pronounced bee-el-zeh-BOOF-oh), which means ‘the frog from Hell'.

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Devil Frog, Beelzebufo Ampinga
2013-11-22 10:31:07

The Devil Frog, Beelzebufo Ampinga, known also as the Devil Toad or The Frog From Hell, was a particularly large species of prehistoric frog first identified in 2007. Fossils of this frog have been recovered from strata of the Maevarano Formation in Madagascar, dating to the late Cretaceous Period, some 70 million years ago. The generic name Beelzebufo is a portmanteau of Beelzebub, which is a Semitic deity whose name may be translated as Lord of the Flies, sometimes identified either as...

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