Latest benign tumor Stories

2009-07-23 09:13:25

Cancer stem-like cells have been implicated in the genesis of a variety of malignant cancers. Research scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute have isolated stem-like cells in benign (pituitary) tumors and used these "mother" cells to generate new tumors in laboratory mice.

2009-02-18 13:25:00

Israeli scientists said on Tuesday that a boy treated with fetal stem cells for a rare brain disease had developed benign tumors in his brain and spinal chord.

2008-12-10 09:50:24

U.S. recording artist and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Toni Braxton says she recently had a benign tumor removed from her breast. Braxton, 41, told Us Weekly she underwent the operation the week before the Dancing finale Nov. 25.

2008-09-14 03:00:11

By Santiago, Camilo Lucha, Paul A ABSTRACT Retrorectal tumors are rare and frequently present either incidentally or with vague symptoms. Schwannomas of the presacral region are one variant described as benign tumors of neurogenic origin. The "ancient degenerative variant" is uncommonly reported.

2008-07-16 03:00:16

By Borczuk, Alain C * Context.-Benign tumors and tumorlike conditions of the lung are encountered in the pathologic evaluation of asymptomatic and symptomatic lung nodules. Since many of these lesions are uncommon, they can be diagnostically challenging.

2008-07-16 03:00:16

By Dishop, Megan K Kuruvilla, Supriya * Context.-Primary lung neoplasms are rare in children, but they comprise a broad and interesting spectrum of lesions, some of which are familiar from other tissue sites, and some of which are unique to the pediatric lung.

2007-10-06 12:00:07

By Jeff Raymond, The Oklahoman Oct. 6--The cancer that killed Steven Moore, chairman and chief executive of OGE Energy Corp., is rare. Moore succumbed to parotid cancer -- a cancer of the salivary glands -- after an eight-year battle.

2007-04-14 03:00:12

By Macarenco, Ricardo S; Ellinger, Fred; Oliveira, Andre M Context.-Perineuriomas are benign peripheral nerve sheath neoplasms composed of perineurial cells with characteristic immunohistochemical and ultrastructural features.

2006-04-03 09:24:02

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Celebrex, a commonly used painkiller and treatment for arthritis, may help prevent colon cancer in high-risk patients, but it also raises the risk of heart attack and stroke, researchers said on Monday. Pfizer Inc.

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