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2006-08-22 07:29:58

By Lamine Chikhi ALGIERS (Reuters) - As an Arabic speaker, Syrian businessman Ziad Karam thought he'd feel at home in Algeria. How wrong he turned out to be. "I need language training to understand my Algerian brothers!" Karam, 42, told Reuters. "It's so complex, the sound so unusual, that I've decided to use an interpreter during my stays in Algeria." Unlike neighbors in Morocco and Tunisia, Algerians speak a dense patois, a mixture of Arabic, Berber, French and sometimes Turkish,...

2006-01-03 20:15:00

By Charles Dick TIOUT, Morocco (Reuters) - Tree-climbing goats, a centuries-old Berber tradition and an evergreen tree combine to produce Morocco's argan oil, prized by locals and enthusiasts abroad for its culinary and cosmetic qualities. The golden oil comes from the seed of the argan tree which grows almost exclusively in the harsh environment of the southwest of the North African country, near the Sahara. The tree is so hardy it can stay dormant for years during times of drought before...

2005-10-08 20:51:18

By Emma Ross-Thomas MELILLA, Spain (Reuters) - It's Ramadan in Spain's North African enclave of Melilla and as tempers fray, a group of shopkeepers argue about how Spanish they are. "I am a Spanish Berber," one fasting shopkeeper shouts in Spanish, repeating it in the Berber language Tamazight. Mimon Mohamed Amar shouts back: "Come on, all of us Muslims have family in Morocco ... we all migrated from Morocco." Melilla, nestling on Morocco's northeast coast, has been Spanish since...

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