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2012-05-28 23:00:02

Canada´s Copyright Modernization Act, the long-awaited Canadian copyright reform bill, C-11 Bill contains some good consumer provisions that support MP3Rocket´s “time-shifting” and “format-shifting” converter technology. New York, NY (PRWEB) May 28, 2012 The Canadian C-11 copyright reform bill includes the expansion of the fair-use provision, new consumer rights for format shifting, time shifting and backup copies, a provision facilitating recording user...

2011-01-10 07:41:23

Lee Rannals Op/Ed For RedOrbit.com - Have a question for Lee? 3D television scored big talk during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but glasses-free technology by companies like Toshiba failed to wow this consumer. Companies like Sony and Samsung pushed their 3D technology to the max during the event, and there have been some improvements made compared to last year's models.  However, it still seems improbable to buy 20 extra 3D glasses in order to have a Super Bowl party at...

2010-11-08 00:00:46

Are video tapes safe? Not really, as many have found out the hard way there are many environmental and technological threats to any consumer's VHS memories. Rescue your Videotapes! 3 gives videographers the chance to save their memories. Lanham, MD (Vocus) November 6, 2010 MAGIX announces the newest version of its award winning video rescue suite: Rescue Your Video Tapes! 3, and for the first time it is available on both MAC and PC. MAGIX AG, listed on the Prime Standard (ISIN DE...

2009-01-12 19:04:43

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday delayed deciding if cable TV providers may allow subscribers to record shows in devices housed at cable offices, observers said. The high court issued a call for the U.S. solicitor general to weigh in by submitting an opinion on the case, in which Cablevision Systems Inc. is vying to offer its subscribers network television programming digitally recorded at the company's central office, the Los Angeles Times reported. U.S. television networks and film studios...

2006-09-14 16:20:00

LOS ANGELES - First, there was the war between eight-track tapes and cassettes. Then there was Betamax versus VHS. Now a new battle for the future of home entertainment is once again forcing consumers to choose. High-definition DVDs are supposed to provide sharp, wide-screen images to fill the more than 30 million HD television sets that have been sold. They are also meant to replace standard definition DVDs, providing studios with a new source of profits. But after much anticipation, the two...

2006-03-24 06:45:00

LOS ANGELES -- Consumers about to face a confusing and expensive choice between two conflicting standards for high-definition DVDs will face further costs to upgrade their entertainment systems if they want to enjoy all the benefits of the new movie players. Hollywood and electronics makers have aligned themselves behind two warring formats called Blu-ray, led by Sony Corp., and HD DVD, championed by Toshiba Corp., which on Thursday said it may delay its launch from late March to mid-April....

2005-10-19 15:30:00

LOS ANGELES -- Technology group Forrester Research on Wednesday declared Blu-Ray, a new DVD format backed by electronics makers led by Sony Corp as the winner in a heated battle over next-generation DVD technology. "Two groups are competing for control of high-definition DVD formats to be launched in the spring of 2006. After a long and tedious run up to launch, it is now clear to Forrester that the Sony-led Blu-Ray format will win," said Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler in a report....

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2010-10-12 18:40:32

The videocassette recorder, or VCR, is a type of tape recorder that uses removable videotape cassettes containing magnetic tape to record audio and video. The VCR is different from the VTR since the VTR can be reel-to-reel devices that require hand-threading of the tape from a single supply reel. VCR's have a tuner and programmable timer which began as a simple mechanical counter-based feature similar to those available on contemporary audio equipment. These features quickly turned into a...

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