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What Makes Flowers More Attractive To Bees?
2012-05-29 05:44:38

As gardeners get busy filling tubs and borders with colorful bedding plants, scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol have discovered more about what makes flowers attractive to bees rather than humans.

2009-05-15 13:50:00

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in Britain have found that tiny conical structures on the surface of flowers provide bees something to hold on to, increasing their foraging efficiency. Furthermore, the bees actually prefer these easy-to-grip petals.

2009-05-14 13:11:30

Researchers have discovered why most insect-pollinated flowers have special cone-shaped cells on the surfaces of their petals. They literally help bees get a grip, according to a report published online on May 14th in Current Biology, a publication of Cell Press.

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