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2009-08-20 12:59:04

Liquor is the common alcoholic drink consumed by Georgia high school students and most drank it in another person's home, U.S. health officials said.

2009-08-20 15:42:44

A new study from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, in collaboration with UCLA, has found a striking correlation between teenage viewership and the frequency of alcohol advertising on cable television.

2009-08-18 06:25:00

Binge drinking is not just a problem among teens and young adults. Many older adults overindulge in alcohol as well, according to a new study published Monday.

2009-08-17 00:38:38

Drinking patterns in Spain may be changing from drinking with meals to binge drinking on weekends, a researcher in Spain says. Binge drinkers are defined as males who drink five or more standard alcohol drinks, and females who drink four or more, on one occasion and within a two-hour interval. Francisco Caamano-Isorna of the University of Santiago de Compostela says the traditional pattern in Spain -- low intake of wine and beer during meals -- may be changing. Recent reports from the Spanish...

2009-08-13 00:46:28

Students desiring to excel at school or work may wish to forego binge drinking, research by Spanish scientists suggests. The study, published online ahead of print in the November issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, finds binge drinkers expend more attentional effort to completing a given task, and have problems differentiating between relevant and irrelevant information. The study looked at 95 first-year male and female university students.

2009-08-09 09:48:32

As teens head back to school, health teachers may want to revise their lesson plans.

2009-07-17 18:47:38

Conventional wisdom says binge drinking on college campuses is prevalent, but there's been no significant upward trend in campus alcohol, U.S. researchers say.

2009-07-08 10:59:30

Giving students personalized feedback on their drinking behavior and how it compares to social norms might help to reduce alcohol misuse, according to a Cochrane Systematic Review.

2009-07-06 23:48:57

A U.S.

2009-06-26 20:14:16

Binge drinking -- six or more alcoholic drinks at one occasion at lease once a week -- is linked with stroke in South Korean men, researchers said.

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