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Expedition 38 Trio Prepares To Depart International Space Station
2014-03-10 12:54:02

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Crewmembers on board the International Space Station (ISS) conduct a change of command ceremony and prepare to leave the orbiting laboratory and head back to Earth after their nearly six-month stint in space. Commander Oleg Kotov and Flight Engineers Mike Hopkins and Sergey Ryazanskiy will be leaving behind their crewmates and boarding their Soyuz spacecraft on Monday evening after spending 166 days in space. The men practiced...

2008-02-29 11:50:00

ESA astronaut L©opold Eyharts has activated the first experiment inside the European Columbus laboratory. The WAICO experiment, which investigates the effect of gravity on plant root growth, has started inside the module's Biolab facility. WAICO, short for Waving and Coiling of Arabidopsis Roots at Different g-levels, looks at the growth of two types of Arabidopsis seed. In all, two different sets of seeds "“ wild type and genetically modified type - will be allowed to grow under...

2008-02-16 03:27:20

HOUSTON — Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are forging ahead with the activation of the orbiting laboratory's new European research module. The joint 10-astronaut crew of the space station and NASA's docked Atlantis orbiter are squeezing in extra work today commission the European Columbus lab before the shuttle departs the ISS on Monday. "We're very far advanced in the activation and commission of Columbus," said Alan Thirkettle, station program...

2008-02-14 08:38:13

This story was updated at 5:45 a.m. EST. HOUSTON — The seven astronauts of NASA's shuttle Atlantis are spending Valentine's Day with their very own Dr. Love and are due for a break as they start up a new European lab at the International Space Station (ISS). Dr. Stanley Love, an astronomer-turned-astronaut, and his STS-122 crewmates are scheduled to have a few hours off today to explore the ISS or peer down at their home planet before resuming work on the newly installed...

2008-02-07 16:55:46

Columbus, ESA's advanced science laboratory in space, has just been launched into orbit and is now on its way to dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Columbus was onboard NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis when it lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida at 20:45 CET today. For this one-way trip to Earth orbit, Columbus is in the expert hands of a crew of seven astronauts, including two members of the European astronaut corps: L©opold Eyharts of France...

2007-07-13 08:40:41

More than 500 years ago, the voyages of Christopher Columbus to the New World and the discoveries he made caused quite a stir throughout Europe. Today, excitement is building on both sides of the Atlantic as the long-awaited launch of ESA's Columbus space laboratory grows closer, as NASA starts processing Shuttle Atlantis in preparation for the mission. Columbus was flown to Florida on 30 May 2006. Earlier this year, it was removed from temporary storage, and the 12.8 tonne International...

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