What Quails Can Teach Us About the Gait Of Dinosaurs

What Quails Can Teach Us About the Gait Of Dinosaurs

Provided by Friedrich Schiller University Jena Motion scientists and zoologists study out the gait of birds Dinosaurs did it. Human beings and monkeys do it. And even birds do it. They walk on two legs. And although humans occupy a special...

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2014-11-14 12:23:34

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Dr. Harold J. Mertz, General Motors Technical Fellow (retired), has won the SAE International Arnold W. Siegel International Transportation Safety Award.

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MILAN, October 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Italian company Roadrunnerfoot has obtained the right to produce, exhibit and sell its artificial "lower limb", after the German

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On June 12, during the opening of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a paralyzed person wearing a brain-controlled robotic exoskeleton is expected to make the first kick of the football championship.

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FRANKLIN, Mass., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Arthrosurface(®), Inc.

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With exercise and sports fields more popular and lucrative than ever, Wexford University now offers an online continuing education course in Biomechanics and Human Movement.

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The lumbar region is crucial for the rest of the body to work efficiently.

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A new scholarly journal focusing on accident prevention and occupant protection – specifically accident reconstruction, injury investigation, intra-vehicle safety mechanisms, and mitigation

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