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2012-04-04 21:11:54

Change from a lab to natural setting dramatically alters biological and genetic determinants of behavior A unique experiment carried out in a Leicester garden, and concurrently in a garden in Italy, has yielded surprising results that has changed scientific knowledge and is published in one of the world's foremost science journals. Research into the behavior of flies and their sleep-wake mechanism — their 24-hour behavioral rhythms- was conducted by researchers from the...

2008-01-29 12:00:08

Offering the most advanced system ever created for sleep aid and relaxation, Raffel Comfort Sciences and its flagship brand Tranquil Ease introduce the patented, "Sound Asleep"™ Biorhythm® Massage System. Raffel Comfort Sciences is a leading manufacturer of relaxation and personal comfort products. "Sound Asleep" offers full-body, head-to-toe massages that wash away stress and help people fall asleep faster. Using the device, the wireless mattress massager...

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