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World’s Largest Artificial Watershed Has First Rain
2012-11-30 11:23:00

University of Arizona The Landscape Evolution Observatory, manmade hillsides inside the University of Arizona´s Biosphere 2, provides researchers with the first opportunity to study how water, microbes, soil and plants interact in a setting realistic enough to improve global climate models for years to come. Rain in Southern Arizona is scarce and precious to begin with, but the afternoon shower that soaked the soil 25 miles north of Tucson on Nov. 29 was unusual in several ways....

2011-06-28 12:40:00

The Biosphere 2 facility in Oracle Arizona will become the official property of the University of Arizona on July 1. CDO Ranching & Development donated 40 acres of real estate, including the scientific apparatus of Biosphere 2, a state-of-the-art conference center, a 3 megawatt power-generating plant and several other support and administrative buildings. The Philecology Foundation will provide $20 million supporting the ongoing science and operations of the one-of-a-kind research...

2011-04-26 13:11:48

In the 1990s, Jane Poynter and seven compatriots agreed to spend two years sealed inside a 3-acre terrarium in the Sonoran Desert to determine if humans might be able to create self-sustaining colonies in outer space. Twenty-years later scientists are still using the 7.2-million-square-foot facility to help figure out how humans will survive on a warming planet. Workers will begin a new chapter for "B2" next month by building the first of three enclosed soil slopes in the "intensive...

2009-08-17 13:09:13

An academic at the University of Southampton has been awarded funding to predict the effects of climate change on soil behavior.Dr Alex Penn at the Science and Engineering of Natural Systems Group at the University's School of Electronics and Computer Science has been awarded a British Council Darwin Researcher Exchange Grant to carry out research into soil ecosystems in Biosphere 2.Biosphere 2 is a 3.15-acre, 12,700 m2 structure originally built to be a man-made, materially-closed ecological...

2009-04-14 09:14:44

Widespread die-off of piñon pine across the southwestern United States during future droughts will occur at least five times faster if climate warms by 4 degrees Celsius, even if future droughts are no worse than droughts of the past century, scientists have discovered in experiments conducted at the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2. Their study is the first to isolate the impact of just temperature on tree mortality during drought. The temperature effect is usually...

2008-07-12 06:00:11

By Aaron Mackey, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Jul. 12--UA officials at Biosphere 2 are working to mold the site of the controversial experiment into a premier scientific hub that gives the public unprecedented access to climate and ecological research. After taking over the glass and steel structure a year ago, University of Arizona officials have sought to establish the Biosphere as both a tourist attraction and a serious lab, where scientists from around the world can collaborate on...

2007-06-05 18:00:00

TUCSON, ARIZ. - The landmark glass terrarium known as Biosphere 2, which was built as a self-sustaining environment for humans 20 years ago, and the 1,650 acres surrounding the research site were sold to a home developer for $50 million. Texas billionaire Ed Bass spent more than $200 million building Biosphere 2 near Oracle. The site attracted global attention in 1991, when eight people were sealed inside to conduct a two-year experiment in self-sufficiency. The buyer, CDO Ranching &...

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