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2011-05-23 00:00:27

Parc at Duluth general manager Jan Robbs received a discount email for biplane flights at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport and remembered that Mr.

2009-05-18 15:51:16

A biplane landing at a Washington state airport came down on top of a larger Cessna plane that had just touched down, but no one was injured, witnesses said. Witness John Garrett said the dark green biplane landed quickly Saturday evening at Skagit Regional Airport before taking off again and circling around the airport, the Skagit Valley Herald reported Monday. He said the blue and white charter Cessna landed while the biplane was circling the hub and he soon noticed the biplane was coming...

2008-09-08 18:00:26

To: NATIONAL EDITORS Contact: David Coleman, (O) +1-202-268-2155, (C) +1-202-268- 2162, david .p.Coleman@usps.gov, or Mary Weber, (O) +1-202-268- 7722, (C) +1-202-437-1299, mary.c.weber@usps.gov, both of USPS FARMINGDALE, N.Y., Sept.

2007-01-23 00:20:00

A new study of one of the earliest feathered dinosaurs suggests it may have had upper and lower sets of wings, much like the biplanes of early aviation. Today, the biplane is widely considered an old-fashioned rarity.

2005-07-10 21:29:06

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Two pilots from a U.S. civilian airplane acrobatics group died on Sunday when their biplanes collided at an air show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, officials said.

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2012-03-21 23:43:50

Microraptor, meaning “small thief,” is a genus of dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (120 million years ago). This small, four-winged animal was first discovered in the Jiufotang Formation in Liaoning, China, with more than two dozen specimens unearthed. There are two known species of Microraptor. The type species, M. zhaoianus, has been hotly debated for years. It was initially placed in the genus Archaeoraptor before a more accurate description placed it in the...

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