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2008-06-25 12:02:33

Text of report in English by Bulgarian news agency BTA website, Strasbourg, June 24 (BTA) - The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) unanimously adopted on Monday [ 23 June] a recommendation encouraging the states bordering the Black Sea - Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine - to take steps to prevent damage to the Black Sea environment and strengthen cooperation at both national and regional levels, PACE said on its website.

2008-06-24 06:02:56

Text of report in English by Bulgarian national news agency BTA Sofia, June 23 (BTA) - The South Stream gas pipeline will be set into operation in 2013-2014, Gazprom Deputy Director Sergei Korovin told a video news conference Monday. Korovin is in charge of the South Stream project.

2008-06-21 09:00:38

Text of report in English by Turkish news agency Anatolia Ankara, 21 June: Turkish Energy & Natural Sources Minister Hilmi Guler said on Saturday [21 June] that new route of Samsun-Ceyhan part of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline was shortened 100 kilometres.

2008-06-19 12:00:58

Text of report by Croatian privately-owned independent weekly Nacional, on 10 June ["Exclusive" report by Marko Biocina, Plamenko Cvitic and Berislav Jelinic: "Sanader's Nuclear Programme"] The great increase in energy prices has begun to seriously endanger the profitable business activity of the Croatian economy and the living standard of citizens, and the government, faced with the problem, has decided to embark on the realization of major infrastructural projects that are supposed to...

2007-08-24 18:17:18

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID WASHINGTON - Undersea explorer Robert Ballard leans back and smiles at the screens arrayed above his desk. One displays a view of a remote operating vessel, another scans along a seafloor never before viewed by humans.

2006-09-04 03:29:51

ATHENS (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Athens on Monday to discuss with Greece and Bulgaria a long-delayed trans-Balkan oil pipeline, envisaged to decongest the busy Bosphorus Straits.

2006-02-03 12:43:43

By Mark Trevelyan, Security Correspondent BERLIN (Reuters) - Ukraine is pushing for an invitation to join NATO within two years, despite tense relations with Moscow and the presence of a major Russian naval base on its territory, a senior official said on Friday.

2006-01-27 11:53:18

By Kremena Miteva SOFIA (Reuters) - A tiny baby was one of the latest victims of a European winter cold snap which has killed more than 100 people and caused chaos from Moscow to Milan.

2005-11-17 05:58:18

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania and the United States have agreed a deal to establish American military bases on the Black Sea, Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Thursday. U.S.

2005-10-23 06:38:20

By Radu Marinas BUCHAREST (Reuters) - The United States and new NATO member Romania are very close to reaching an agreement to establish American military bases on the Black Sea, U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said on Sunday.

Latest Black Sea Reference Libraries

Black Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum
2013-04-30 12:59:49

The black sea urchin (Diadema antillarum), also known as the lime sea urchin or the long-spined sea urchin, is a species that can be found in the Caribbean basin and the western waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It prefers to inhabit coral reefs in these areas and resides at depths of up to 32.8 feet. This species has a test, or outer shell, that is similar that of most species of sea urchin. However, this species has longer spines, a trait from which it derived one of its common names. These...

Sea of Marmara
2013-04-18 22:26:30

The Sea of Marmara, or otherwise known as the Sea of Marmora or the Marmara Sea, is the inland sea that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, thus dividing Turkey’s Asian and European parts. The Bosphorus strait connects it to the Dardanelles and the Black Sea to the Aegean. The sea has an area of 11,350 square kilometers (280 kilometers x 80 kilometers) with the greatest depth reaching 1,370 meters. The salinity of the sea averages about 22 parts per thousand, which is slightly...

Aegean Sea
2013-04-18 19:17:48

The Aegean Sea is a stretched out embayment of the Mediterranean Sea that is located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas. Northwards, it’s connected to the Marmara Sea and the Black sea via the Dardanelles and Bosporus. The Aegean Islands are located in the sea and some bordering its southern periphery, including Rhodes and Crete. This Aegean region consists of 9 provinces in southwestern Turkey, partly bordering on the Aegean Sea. It was traditionally known as...

Sea of Azov
2013-04-18 19:13:38

The Sea of Azov, known is Classical Antiquity as Lake Maeotis, is a sea towards the south of Eastern Europe. It’s linked by the narrow Strait of Kerch to the Black Sea towards the south and is bordered in the north by mainland Ukraine, in the east by Russia, and in the west by the Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. The Kuban and Don are the major rivers that flow into the Sea of Azov. This sea is the shallowest in the world with the depth varying between 2 ft 11 inch and 46 ft. There’s a...

Black Sea
2013-04-18 19:11:10

The Black Sea is a sea located in south-eastern Europe. It’s bordered by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus and is eventually connected to the Atlantic Ocean by means of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas and a variety of straits. The Bosphorus Strait connects it to the Sea of Marmara, and the Strait of the Dardanelles connects that sea to the Aegean Sea area of the Mediterranean. These waters divide eastern Europe and western Asia. The Black Sea is connected to the Sea of Azov by the...

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