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2006-03-08 17:39:13

By Saul Hudson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Despite accusing countries such as Jordan and Egypt on Wednesday of torturing detainees, the United States said it will keep sending suspected militants to foreign prisons if governments pledge not to abuse them.

2006-03-02 10:08:40

By Phil Stewart ROME (Reuters) - Italy's justice minister accused magistrates of trying to force his hand in a case against 22 CIA agents who are accused of kidnapping a Muslim imam off the streets of Milan and flying him to Egypt for torture.

2006-03-01 06:35:41

By Jon Boyle STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - European states need tougher laws to guarantee oversight of their spy services and better controls over foreign agents operating on their territory, a European human rights watchdog said on Wednesday.

2006-02-23 09:40:00

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Human rights activists urged the U.S. Congress to follow European Union lawmakers in launching a probe into the alleged cases of abduction of prisoners by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Europe.

2006-02-14 13:54:38

STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - An Italian prosecutor who wants to question CIA agents accused of snatching an imam in Milan will speak to a European Parliament panel probing claims of CIA abductions in Europe, an EU lawmaker said on Tuesday.

2006-02-13 17:42:21

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2006-02-13 18:07:56

By Ingrid Melander STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - EU lawmakers on Monday outlined plans to probe allegations the CIA ran secret prisons in the 25-nation bloc, and studied a list of people it might call for questioning which includes the head of the CIA.

2006-02-09 07:50:45

By Phil Stewart MILAN (Reuters) - Milan prosecutors expect to launch procedures within a month that could put 22 CIA agents accused of kidnapping a Muslim cleric in Milan on trial in absentia, a senior judicial source said.

2006-01-26 06:40:00

European Union lawmakers vowed on Thursday to press U.S. and European ministers to appear before an inquiry into alleged secret CIA prisons in Europe but acknowledged they had no authority to compel them.

2006-01-24 16:54:41

By Jon Boyle STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - The United States flew detainees to countries where they would be tortured and European governments probably knew about it, the head of a European human rights investigation said on Tuesday.