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US Making Most Requests For Facebook User Information
2013-08-28 10:25:19

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A new report from Facebook lists, for the first time, which countries have asked for user data and how many accounts were involved. The US government tops this list as it has made 11,000 to 12,000 requests for user data from January 1 to June 30, 2013. This is considerably more than any other country that has requested user data over the same period. In all, during the first half of the year, 70 countries asked Facebook for...

Facebook Creates Shared Photo Albums
2013-08-27 17:54:22

Enid Burns for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online Facebook just added a shared photo album feature that lets users collaboratively create albums. The shared photo album feature allows up to 50 contributors, who can each post up to 200 photos. The new shared feature allow groups to maintain photo albums with one of three privacy settings: public, friends of contributors, or contributors only. Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin explained the new feature on his Facebook page, which was...

Palestinian IT Expert Rewarded For Facebook Hack
2013-08-21 12:54:53

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online This weekend Palestinian IT expert Khalil Shreateh hacked into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account on the social network and posted a bug report. Rather than earn the $500 promised him by the social network for reporting a security flaw, Facebook suspended his account without any reward. Today Shreateh is $11,305 richer after other security experts gave to a campaign to reward him for his hard work. After hearing about...

Facebook Developer Site Mishap Explained
2013-08-16 10:13:18

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Many Facebook developers had trouble signing into their accounts on Tuesday, and some even had their apps permanently disabled. Yesterday morning, Facebook responded saying the automated system they use to detect malicious apps began targeting legitimate apps as well. The social behemoth then shut down the system to fix the malicious app sniffing algorithm, a process which they say took longer than expected. Though access to the...

Facebook Selfies Hurt Relationships
2013-08-12 11:38:50

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Researchers from the University of Birmingham, University West of England and the University of Edinburgh have found that people who post too many pictures of themselves on Facebook - known as 'selfies' in the online community - risk harming their relationships with their friends. Researchers reported that those who share too many pictures could risk harming their more casual Facebook relationships, while relationships with close...

2013-08-08 23:23:38

Aiming to help business owners get online with a professional looking website, WestHost launched their new website builder. Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) August 08, 2013 Leading Web hosting provider, WestHost recently announced the introduction of the new WestHost Website Builder, aimed at providing a clear-cut way for business owners to create a professional website. WestHost's website builder allows anyone to easily design and launch a professional website without prior experience....

Facebook Updates News Feed To Allow For 'Story Bumping'
2013-08-07 05:08:09

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Facebook announced new updates to its News Feed on Tuesday aimed at alerting members to older posts and news stories they may have missed but are popular in their feed. The company said posts will be shown more prominently, and for a longer period of time, if they are popular as determined by the number of shares, likes, comments, and clicks they receive. "Now, organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see...

Embedded Posts To Be Rolled Out By Facebook
2013-08-01 04:48:20

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Facebook announced on Wednesday it would roll out embedded posts that allow users to share public updates on blogs and other third-party websites. "Today, we are beginning to roll out Embedded Posts to make it possible for people to bring the most compelling, timely public posts from Facebook to the rest of the web," Facebook said in its announcement. Embedded posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content, and...

2013-07-24 23:22:02

Ispace1 is the only social media site that is bold enough to combine many different networks into one platform, and the site gives its users the flexibility to use the networking site for various different purposes. (PRWEB) July 24, 2013 Up until now, users usually have to go to different sites to achieve different goals, for instance, one site for social media, one for professional networking, one for dating, one for posting updates, and so on. Whereas, ispace1 has combined most of these...

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2013-02-17 09:13:14

Image Credit: Photos.com A blog is a written discussion or information posted on a website over the Internet. The blog is posted with the most recent one first, dealing with any subject or topic within the constraints of the website administrator. Before 2009 most blogs were written by an individual or small group of people. Today, most websites use multi-author blogs (MABs) where a large number of authors write and submit content which is edited professionally. Information gathered for...

Social Networking Service
2013-01-27 09:02:30

A social networking service is an online service provided to the public for social interaction between families, friends, and also for gaining new friends over the internet. These networks often include such services as e-mail and instant messaging. Social networks are found worldwide and used by half of the world’s population in some form or another. In 2011 a survey revealed 47 percent of adults and 73 percent of teens use a social networking service. You can use these services to...

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