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2006-01-18 08:11:13

Mirth gives big boost to cardiac blood flow, study finds It's official: A good laugh is literally heartwarming. That's according to a study that found that watching comedy films boosts cardiac blood flow. The study also found that a watching a good tearjerker has the opposite effect, leaving hearts a little low -- at least in terms of blood flow. The study included 20 healthy young adults who watched 15 to 30 minute segments of either humorous or sad films with a minimum of 48 hours between...

2006-01-18 08:05:00

Caffeine slows down heart blood flow during exercise, study finds Having a coffee fix just before a workout may not be the best idea, a new study suggests. Researchers in Switzerland found that the amount of caffeine in just two cups of coffee limits the body's ability to increase blood flow to the heart during exercise. "Whenever we do a physical exercise, myocardial blood flow has to increase in order to match the increased need of oxygen. We found that caffeine may adversely affect this...

2005-03-08 08:04:32

Blood flow increases when folks watch funny movies, study finds HealthDay News -- A good belly laugh may have repercussions all the way up to the heart. For the first time, researchers have found that laughter causes the endothelium, the inner lining of blood vessels, to dilate. This increases blood flow which, of course, is good for overall cardiovascular health. The message is clear, and economical. "I think it would be reasonable for everybody to loosen up, and spend about 15 to 20 minutes...

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