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2013-09-13 23:02:53

‘Blood Pressure Down’ written by nutritionist and author Dr Janet Brill has won the 2013 Living Now Book Award that recognizes the Year's Best Books for Better Living.

2013-09-13 11:12:43

Children with one or more high blood pressure readings were about three times more likely to develop the condition as adults.

2013-09-13 11:11:22

Measuring sodium in a child's urine may help doctors identify those at risk for having high blood pressure later in life.

2013-09-09 08:47:33

'Eat less salt' is a mantra of our health-conscious times and is seen as an important step in reducing heart disease and hypertension.

2013-09-08 23:03:55

Natural Blood Pressure created by Christian Goodman is a new program that provides people with an effective natural blood pressure treatment, and detailed instructions on how to get rid of high

2013-09-08 23:03:54

Natural Blood Pressure Reduction created by Paul Johnson is a new book that teaches people how to lower high blood pressure naturally.

2013-09-08 23:03:52

Reduce and Help High Blood Pressure created by Germaine Hudson is a new book that provides people with a high-blood-pressure natural treatment, and some simple exercises to improve their health.

2013-09-08 23:03:50

High Blood Pressure Remedy designed by Craig Anderson is a newly updated healthy diet program that covers natural remedies for blood pressure.

2013-09-08 23:00:43

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a serious condition that, if untreated, can worsen over time, leading to coronary heart disease, heart failure, aneurysms, stroke and kidney failure.

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2013-01-01 11:25:12

The heart is a part of the circulatory system, and is considered one of the most vital organs of the human body. It is about the size of a fist, has a mass of approximately 300 grams, and its main function is to contract and produce enough pressure to circulate blood throughout the body. The top of the heart where the veins and arteries all connect is called the base. The pointed lower tip of the heart is called the apex. The coronary sulcus is a deep groove that runs horizontally across the...

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