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2013-06-20 23:15:45

A smartphone becomes a badge scanner at meetings and trade shows. With the latest version of Bloodhound, anyone can scan contact information and follow up from an organized directory. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2013 Bloodhound´s new iOS event app introduces lead retrieval for all event goers, so anyone can use their smartphone as a badge and business card scanner. With the snap of a photo, Bloodhound makes contact information available from both the app and an online dashboard,...

2012-09-25 23:01:35

With the goal of becoming the de facto online platform for events, trade shows and conferences, the fastest growing mobile event app releases new lead retrieval technology. San Francisco, CA. (PRWEB) September 25, 2012 This week, Bloodhound celebrates its one year anniversary, 1,000 event sign-up milestone and release of new product, Retrieve. With events in over 50 countries having signed up in the past year, the fastest growing mobile event app is rapidly moving towards becoming the most...

2011-02-07 14:00:42

Construction work formally starts this week on what could be the world's fastest car. The Bloodhound has been designed to reach speeds of 1,000mph. The British car will attempt to set the mark as it breaks the land speed record on a dried out lake bed in South Africa's Northern Cape late next year. The vehicle has been in design for the past three years.  It will be powered by a Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine bolted above a hybrid rocket. The power unit combination will deliver a...

2010-11-17 00:01:10

GL Studio Is Instrumental in Display Development for the Bloodhound Prototype Vehicle Set to Reach 1000 mph Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 16, 2010 The DiSTI Corporation announces its strategic sponsorship of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) project, a U.K. program intending to break the land speed record with a vehicle capable of reaching 1000 mph. DiSTI's industry leading graphical user interface toolkit, GL Studio, has been used for the development of the vehicle's dashboard displays...

2010-07-19 09:50:00

A full scale replica of the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC) - a 40-plus foot long vehicle designed to go more than 1,000 mph - was unveiled over the weekend at the Farnborough International Air Show. According to BBC News Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos, the Bloodhound SSC is the brainchild of a British team that includes Chief Engineer Mark Chapman, Wing Commander Andy Green, Project Director Richard Noble, and Chief Aerodynamicist Ron Ayers. Amos reports that the 1:1 model was completed...

2009-01-03 12:33:30

A yacht once used by Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Anne has been fully restored in order to be put up for sale, its owner says. Cindy McGrail said her family has decided to sell the royal yacht Bloodhound after restoring the 63-foot vessel to the glory it enjoyed during the 1960s, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday. In a sense, these boats are irreplaceable and part of living history, McGrail said of the vessel currently kept in Dorset county. But for us, Bloodhound became too big...

2008-08-28 09:00:48

By Sara Israelsen-Hartley Deseret News SPANISH FORK -- She can't carry a gun, doesn't wear a badge and is still unsteady on her feet. But the newest member of the Utah County Sheriff's Office is already a big hit, giving sloppy kisses and curling up along the parking lot curb for a warm morning nap. Despite not having a name yet, the 8-week-old black and tan bloodhound already has a family and was cuddled by several K-9 deputies who stroked her wrinkly forehead Wednesday outside the...

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2008-05-26 12:45:22

The Hanover Hound is a breed which originated during the medieval time period. It is a descendant of bloodhounds from that time period, and is currently used as a hunting and tracking dog. The breed is very rare. The Hanover Hound stands 18 to 22 inches high and weighs 80 to 99 pounds. It is a sturdy breed with a deep chest, huge head, and powerful jaws. The breed has a short coat which can range from a light to a dark reddish fawn color which is brindled. The breed needs plenty of...

2008-05-07 16:52:47

The Bloodhound is a French breed bred for tracking human beings. It is a scent hound, known for its ability to follow a scent over long distances, even if it is days old. It is frequently used to trace missing persons or prison escapees. The Bloodhound is a large dog, weighing 80 to 110 pounds and standing 23 to 27 inches high. Its coat is hard and generally one of three color combinations: black and tan, liver and tan, or red. The Bloodhound has a dense bone structure. It also has very...

2007-12-18 11:50:16

The Artois Hound is a scent hound and a descendant of the Bloodhound. It is a hunting breed which was a French favorite in the 17th century. During the 19th century it was crossbred so much with other hunting breeds that much of the original bloodline was lost. Despite a 20 year effort to breed a dog similar to the original Artois, by the end of World War II, the Breed was practically extinct. During the 1970s there was another effort to reconstitute the breed and the modern day version...

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