Latest Blow-fly Stories

2011-11-01 15:26:51

When investigating a murder, every clue helps. New research from North Carolina State University sheds light on how — and whether — blow flies survive when buried underground during their development. It´s an advance that will help forensic investigators understand how long a body may have been left above ground before being buried — or possibly whether remains were moved from one grave to another. “Blow flies are probably the most important insects to forensic...

2010-07-28 10:17:40

Rows of tiny raised blowfly corneas may be the key to easy manufacturing of biomimetic surfaces, surfaces that mimic the properties of biological tissues, according to a team of Penn State researchers. "Bioreplication began about 2001 or 2002," said Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Godfrey Binder Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics. "All the techniques currently available are not conducive to mass replications. In many cases you can make as many replicas as you want, but you need an insect for...

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