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2009-09-09 09:33:05

Patients with upper gastrointestinal (GI) complaints visit their general practitioner (GP) more often than patients with other conditions.

2009-08-11 07:44:35

We've heard it on the news and seen it in our bank accounts. America is in an economic crisis. But some researchers say the nation's financial situation is also connected to our waistlines.

2009-06-19 07:58:19

A small study has shown that people tend to believe that bottled water is somehow healthier than water from the tap.

2009-06-03 00:11:11

Most in healthcare agree preventative medicine saves money, but U.S. researchers developed a return on investment calculator to measure the savings.

2009-06-02 08:43:35

Every $1 invested in mobile healthcare for the medically disenfranchised saves $36 in combined emergency department costs avoided and value of life years saved.

2009-04-29 09:03:28

General anesthesia (GA) is associated with an increased risk of infant intubation and low Apgar scores, relative to regional anesthesia.

2009-04-14 13:48:49

In 2005 researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm University discovered a new species of seaweed.

2009-02-16 14:57:48

Researchers identified a new, faster method to help heal broken bones. It requires the injection of cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow. The cells are injected into the fracture area and a clinical study proved it speeds up the healing process.

2008-11-27 15:55:00

A comparison of the coverage received by pharmaceutical and herbal remedy trials, reported in the open access journal BMC Medicine, has revealed that it is rarely possible for the lay public to assess the credibility of the described research.

2008-09-18 08:00:57

Scientists have discovered that certain fish are capable of glowing red. Research published today in BMC Ecology includes striking images of fish fluorescing vivid red light.

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