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2011-01-24 15:21:43

It is known that teeth can protect themselves, to some extent, from attack by bacteria but that inflammation within a tooth can be damaging and, in extreme cases, lead to abscess or death of the tooth.

2011-01-20 14:34:14

What makes music beautiful?

2011-01-20 14:32:20

Society has long debated the contrasting advantages of monogamy and promiscuity and, in western society at least, the long term benefits of monogamy have in general won out.

2010-11-09 19:06:13

Potential gender differences in clinical management are under-researched.

2010-10-08 14:54:32

Ultrasound can speed the healing of fractures.

2010-09-29 13:55:06

In mice, early weaning and separation from their mothers promotes long-lasting hyperactivity and anxiety .

2010-09-23 11:35:00

Blood alcohol levels below the current legal limit for driving have a significant negative effect on a person's dexterity.

2010-08-28 10:45:07

Less-pretty female house sparrows tend to lower their aim when selecting a mate.

2010-08-26 13:58:27

Clinical depression and anxiety during pregnancy results in smaller babies that are more likely to die in infancy.

2010-08-24 14:06:50

The placement of alcohol-based hand disinfectants in businesses can reduce illness and absenteeism amongst the work force.

Word of the Day
  • The abrogation of a law by a higher authority; annulment.
  • In music, during the eighteenth century, a song or an instrumental piece similar to the serenade, intended for performance in the open air.
The word 'cassation' comes from the French 'cassation', from Latin 'casso' ("destroy, annul").