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2013-01-09 12:30:05

A special report published by the BMJ today finds that thousands of melanoma patients around the world are undergoing an expensive and invasive procedure called sentinel node biopsy, despite a lack of clear evidence and concerns that it may do more harm than good.

2012-12-20 14:01:56

Successful solo rock/pop stars are around twice as likely to die early as those in equally famous bands.

2012-12-19 05:01:02

Creator of popular virtual medical iPhone app MyBloodWorks comments on new study published in the journal BMJ, and encourages pregnant women to discuss hypertension monitoring and management with

2012-11-21 15:14:03

Nearly nine out of ten clinicians carrying out biomedical research trials believe that trial data should be shared more easily, even though they do express some practical concerns.

2012-11-21 12:57:03

Researchers have found that routine general health checks, which have become common practice in some countries, do not reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease or cancer.

2012-10-16 11:35:08

Doctors who have been on long term sick leave find it hard to return to work because they are overwhelmed with feelings of shame and failure.

2012-09-18 22:18:23

Cancer and chronic disease account for almost half of gradual deaths in European Union countries.

2012-08-16 00:39:05

In a cautionary editorial alongside a related article in today's issue of the British medical journal BMJ, leading experts in health policy and behavioral economics argue that pay-for-performance (P4P) schemes – which financially reward doctors and hospitals for hitting specific, numerical targets in such matters as preventing hospital readmissions or prescribing certain drugs – are likely to do more harm than good.

2012-06-26 13:56:57

The rate of stillbirths in England is twice as high among the least well off as it is among the most affluent.

Overdiagnosis Of Illnesses Is Harmful
2012-05-31 07:23:20

Overdiagnosis poses a significant threat to human health by labeling healthy people as sick and wasting resources on unnecessary care, according to a new study.

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