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IBM Celebrates 50 Years Since Its First System 360 Was Unveiled
2014-04-07 12:20:37

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online While Apple’s iPhone is refreshed yearly, and a new desktop or laptop computer system is seemingly introduced every week, IBM’s System 360 reached a true milestone on Monday. It was 50 years ago, on April 7, 1964 that the first System 360 mainframe computer was unveiled. This system was most notable in that it featured upgradable processors that still kept using the same code and peripherals from earlier models. “The mainframe...

2013-04-10 12:27:52

NEW YORK, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Rogosin Institute ("Rogosin" or "The Institute") announces with great pleasure the appointment of Richard Hall, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Engineering and Sustainability, Bob Evans Farms, Inc., as Chairman of the Board of Directors effective March 13, 2013. Hall, closely affiliated with Rogosin since 1994 and a Board member since 2008, brings both a commitment to its vision for healthcare and a breadth of business...