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2013-01-03 05:04:05

Mind Movies Can Help Prevent Obesity, Even If It’s Your Genetic Destiny, According to Law of Attraction Guru and Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell.

Morbid Obesity Linked To Higher Risk Of Death
2013-01-02 05:14:11

Researchers recently discovered that higher levels of obesity are linked to an elevated risk of death, while being overweight was connected to a lower risk of death.

Obesity Can Be Helped By Lowering Drive Time
2012-12-19 07:04:16

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and a new study shows that cutting the commute time in a car could have the same impact as reducing the number of calories consumed.

Child Obesity Higher For Kids With TV In Their Room
2012-12-12 11:57:26

A new study recently revealed that watching television for more than two hours a day in the bedroom may increase the risk of obesity in young children.

Health Agencies Outline Healthiest States In America
2012-12-12 07:19:18

Americans are living longer, but not healthier. That’s the consensus from a new study called America’s Health Rankings.

2012-11-29 13:21:48

CHICAGO — Visceral, or deep belly, obesity is a risk factor for bone loss and decreased bone strength in men, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). "It is important for men to be aware that excess belly fat is not only a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, it is also a risk factor for bone loss," said Miriam Bredella, M.D., radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and associate professor of...

Researchers Develop Method To Predict Risk Of Obesity At Birth
2012-11-29 12:47:00

Researchers from Imperial College London say they have found a way to predict a baby’s chance of being obese using a simple formula combining several known factors, such as birth weight and BMI.

2012-11-20 15:48:45

Gastric bypass patients who attended five follow-up office visits in two years as recommended by their surgeons lost nearly twice as much weight (113 lbs. vs. 57 lbs.) as patients who attended only two follow-up visits.

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