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Physical Activity Increases Life Expectancy By 4.5 Years
2012-11-07 12:35:35

According to a new report, regular physical activity during leisure time can increase overall life expectancy by as much as 4.5 years.

2012-11-06 03:41:55

Medical researchers at the University of Alberta studied the records of nearly 1000 patients who were admitted to hospital with pneumonia and noted those who were obese were more apt to survive compared to those who were of normal weight.

2012-10-30 19:09:52

Being overweight and obese during adolescence appears related to an increased risk of all-cause treated end-stage renal disease (ESRD) during a 25-year period.

2012-10-24 11:58:40

Old Order Amish children are much more physically active and three times less likely to be overweight than non-Amish children, which may provide them with some long-term protection against developing Type 2 diabetes.

Weight Associated With Hospitalization Risk
2012-10-21 10:10:54

Overweight individuals, even those who are not clinically obese, are more likely to be hospitalized than those who are lean, fit, and in good physical condition.

2012-10-21 04:03:15

How to lose weight fast for teenage girls guide is now available for download from the Weight Loss Success Plan website.

Morbidly Obese Making U.S. Fatter, Quicker
2012-10-02 20:50:09

America has often been teased about our expanding waistlines and bulging bellies. Our affinity for cheap food fast, and lots of it, has brought us to a point where more than one-third of American adults are obese.

2012-09-26 22:58:32

Being obese as a child or adolescent may have a larger effect on future health than previously thought.

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