Latest Bog turtle Stories

2011-05-11 08:25:00

Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo veterinarians partner with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to examine recent mortality increase in tiny bog turtles The Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo veterinarians, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program have joined forces to answer a perplexing wildlife question: Why are bog turtles getting sick? The dilemma shines a...

2009-05-27 12:10:00

Maryland has rented a herd of goats to weed out invasive vegetation in wetlands near a new road bypass that are habitat for a rare species of turtle. The State Highway Administration feared using mechanical mowers might kill the 4-inch bog turtles in Carroll County, the Baltimore Sun reports. Cows were rejected for the same reason. The presence of the turtles in the area helped delay the Hampstead Bypass in an area northwest of Baltimore and 10 miles south of the Pennsylvania line for years....

2005-06-28 06:50:07

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Wildlife researchers have released four rare bog turtles into the wild, the first group of the federally threatened species to be let loose in Georgia. Excited state biologists said last week's release of the 4-inch-long turtles signaled one of the first benefits of an aggressive publicly funded program meant to restore north Georgia's increasingly sparse mountain bog habitat. The species, believed to be the rarest turtle in North America, once thrived in treeless bogs at...

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