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2009-06-04 15:26:06

Neighbors of Arizona's San Tan Mountain Regional Park complained that they were not warned before authorities used the park to detonate a grenade. Alden Rosbrook said the explosion late in the evening May 22 knocked pictures off the wall of his home while he was watching TV with his wife, the East Valley Tribune of Mesa, Ariz., reported Thursday. I thought a bomb had been thrown through our Arcadia door, Rosbrook said. That was my first thought. Rosbrook said he soon discovered that the...

2009-05-21 15:27:22

A series of deadly wildfires in Australia contained the intensity of 1,500 Hiroshima atomic bombs, Melbourne University fire behavior specialist Kevin Tolhurst reported Thursday. The so-called "Black Saturday" fires broke out in February, killing 173 people. Tolhurst told the Black Saturday royal commission that the 100-meter high fires created enough energy within just a few hours to power Victoria's industrial and domestic energy needs for an entire year. "It's an enormous amount of...

2009-03-11 16:45:35

A Florida lawyer said three men jailed after a bomb scare had created the fake bombs for use in a Mountain Dew online video-making contest. Lawyer Bill Sites said his client, Daniel Terry, and two friends were filming a commercial for an online contest sponsored by Mountain Dew and TV series 24 in a Lakeland, Fla., parking garage when their fake bombs were mistaken for real explosives Monday, WFLA-TV, Tampa, reported Wednesday. It's save the world in 24 seconds. They were simply just down...

2008-09-21 09:00:22

Text of report by state-funded Georgian Public Television Channel 1 on 21 September [Presenter] An especially large amount of unexploded ordnance has been discovered at the Senaki military base [which was occupied by Russian forces during and shortly after the August war]. Mine- clearers removed several thousand bombs from swampland that had formed from artificial lakes. The bombs, which cannot be moved from the place they were found, are now being exploded by a mine- clearing company of...

2008-09-09 00:00:09

By Cahal Milmo HEATHROW BOMB PLOT THE VERDICT THREE YOUNG British Muslims who were turned into bombers while doing charity work in Pakistan are facing life behind bars after being convicted of plotting mass murder. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain were accused of conspiring to bring down at least seven transatlantic airliners in mid-air, using bombs hidden in soft drinks bottles. The plot brought chaos to Heathrow and led to new global security procedures preventing...

2008-05-27 16:47:32

New explosives could be more powerful and safer to handle than TNT and other conventional explosives and would also be more environmentally friendly. TNT, RDX and other explosives commonly used in military and industrial applications often generate toxic gases upon detonation that pollute the environment. Moreover, the explosives themselves are toxic and can find their way into the environment due to incomplete detonation and as unexploded ordnance. They are also extremely...

2006-08-16 11:41:14

By Michael Winfrey TEBNIN, Lebanon (Reuters) - More than 100 deadly black cylinders, not much bigger than large household batteries, litter the main road of this shattered village. They are unexploded cluster bombs fired by Israel in the last days of its war with Hizbollah guerrillas. At least a dozen of them lie near the entrance of Tebnin's only hospital, a shrapnel-sprayed building hit during an Israeli bombardment that wounded 15 people, according to its administrator....

2006-01-05 03:58:42

KERBALA, Iraq (Reuters) - The death toll from a bomb blast in the southern Iraqi city of Kerbala on Thursday has risen to 33, with 51 injured, hospital sources said. They said a suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt on a crowded street near one of the city's main Shi'ite shrines. It was the second bomb attack in Kerbala in as many days after over a year of relative calm.

2005-12-22 15:50:34

ATHENS, Dec 22 (Reuers) - A bomb exploded outside Greece's Ministry of Development near the city center of Athens on Thursday, causing material damage, a police official said. It was the second attack on a government ministry in less than two weeks following a bomb blast at the Economy Ministry. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

2005-12-12 03:55:00

By Karolos Grohmann ATHENS (Reuters) - A bomb explosion rocked Greece's Economy Ministry in central Athens on Monday, injuring two people and causing extensive damage, police said. The blast blew out nearby shop fronts, damaged cars and cafes and shattered windows in the business district of the city shortly before the morning rush hour. The ministry, located above a post office in the city's main Syntagma Square and about 100 metres from parliament, was closed at the time of the...

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