Latest Bone meal Stories

2013-04-23 22:48:32

Following the drought of 2012, the prices of corn and soybean meal for livestock diets have increased significantly. In an effort to reduce their costs, pork producers are looking for alternative sources of calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P). Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed equations for calculating the concentrations of these minerals in byproducts from the rendering industry. Professor of animal sciences Hans H. Stein and his team determined the digestibility of Ca...

2011-09-22 07:00:00

Humboldt Plant Fertilizers Experiences Unprecedented Growth By Creating New Market Sector Through Banning Animal By-Products. Medicinal Marijuana Fertilizer Industry Takes Notice. Humboldt County, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2011 Humboldt Plant Fertilizers (HPF) is breaking new ground by becoming the only natural liquid plant nutrient company banning any use of slaughterhouse by-products such as the bone meal, blood meal, and feather meal almost universally found in all other natural...

2008-07-29 12:01:05

ORGANIC FERTILIZER SPIKES MAKE THE JOB EASIER Off-the-shelf organic fertilizers come in granular or liquid form and require some effort to distribute evenly. A new alternative in spike form makes distribution and measurement quick and easy. Jobe's Organics Fertilizer Spikes can be pressed into the soil around plant roots to promote beneficial microbial action and improve overall plant health. They smell earthy, unlike some chemical fertilizers; Jobe's products are derived from feather...

2005-08-24 05:06:59

By Aya Takada TOKYO (Reuters) - Members of an independent panel considering whether to allow U.S. beef to return to Japanese tables said on Wednesday they were worried that lax U.S. animal feed controls could allow mad cow disease to spread. The panel members, meeting for the fifth time since May when the Japanese government asked them to rule on the safety of U.S. beef, said their final decision may take into account the chance that the brain-wasting disease could spread. Without...

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