Latest Bone morphogenetic protein 7 Stories

2011-11-28 23:02:29

Prostate tumor cells can be lulled to sleep by a factor released by bone cells.

2010-12-27 08:09:21

New weight loss supplements and exercises are released every day, but this novel weight-loss therapy identifies cells that can be triggered to transform white storage fat cells into brown energy burning fat cells.

2009-07-23 08:51:19

Dr. Yasuni Nakanuma and colleagues of Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine in Kanazawa, Japan have discovered that BMP-7 (bone morphogenic protein-7) is a potential new therapy for treating high blood pressure in the liver.

2008-08-21 14:00:00

New research shows that brown fat cells, known as the “good” kind that burn energy, may provide new insights into treatment of obesity.

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