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2012-04-04 23:00:42

Women experiencing bone shrinkage, often linked to menopause and aging, can find new information in a resource just published by aging health authority, AgingFit.com. The comprehensive resource reveals the hormonal and dietary causes of bone density loss and reveals how to fight it. Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2012 The online health and wellness authority for aging health issues, AgingFit.com, has just released a new information resource that delves into the causes and risks...

2012-04-02 23:00:59

The US Drug Watchdog is saying, "We want to make certain every woman in the United States who used the osteoporosis drug called Fosamax and then suffered an out of the blue femur break gets identified, and we want to make certain they get to the best possible personal injury attorneys, so they get the maximum possible compensation for what they have been through. Most women victims we have spoken with describe the experience as the post painful of their lives." These type of leg breaks are...

2012-03-26 22:15:49

Results may help to understand ways in which early growth can be optimized to reduce the risk of osteoporotic fracture in older age Researchers from the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, have presented evidence that early growth predicts the size, mineralization, shape and strength of the hip bone in childhood. The presentation was made at the European Congress on Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis (IOF-ECCEO12) which took place in Bordeaux, France from March...

2012-03-07 20:21:46

Although many current studies focused on catch up growth (CUG) have described its high susceptibility to insulin resistance-related diseases very few have focused on the effect of CUG on bone metabolism, especially in adulthood. As diet is a controllable factor, the influence of re-feeding with different dietary patterns on bone parameters is important to study. Resveratrol has been attributed a number of beneficial effects in mammals including osteotrophic properties. In the...

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